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EW Reviews SF/F

Issue #917 of Entertainment Weekly offers some brief reviews of science fiction and fantasy books. Here’s a snippet…

Overclocked by Cory Doctorow

Studio Pitch: I, Robot meets Dr. Stangelove.

Lowdown: The four page opening fable is as absorbing an prescient as the gruesome 76-page war story that ends the book. Doctorow is rapidly emerging as the William Gibson of his generation.

Grade: A.

Ice Vladimir Sorokin

Studio Pitch: George A. Romero meets Nikolai Gogol.

Lowdown: Sorokin’s inventively sliced plot doesn’t make room for a proper climax, bu the particulars of his pulp allegory are eerie enough to chill.

Grade: B+.

Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber

Studio Pitch: Battlestar Galactica meets Master and Commander and the Protestant Reformation.

Lowdown: A thin sci-fi frame for a sometimes rousing, often sluggish age-of-sail epic.

Grade: B.

From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain by Minister Faust

Studio Pitch: Super Friends meets Analyze This.

Lowdown: While fanboys might wish Faust had played it more straight, Brain is entertaining and impishly savvy about comics.

Grade: B+.

Elsewhere in the issue is a review of Voices in the Street by Philip K. Dick which gets a B+ rating.

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  1. “Doctorow is rapidly emerging as the William Gibson of his generation.”



    “In Cory Doctorow’s collection of novellas, he wields his formidable experience in technology and computing to give us mindbending sci-fi tales that explore the possibilities of information technology — and its various uses — run amok.”

    So describing the obvious and pushing opinions he garnished from marketing materials is now referred to as: “wields his formidable experience in technology and computing”.

    LOL!!! ok….

    I will never get tired of bashing this goofball. I feel like I need a lithium IV drip just to get through one of his painful articles.


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