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Ice Planet

A new science fiction series and mobile video game called Ice Planet are only in co-development, but already has an “Unofficial” fan site. (Read: Official fan site meant to generate buzz.) Ice Planet, to be shot in High Definition video, involves aliens, alien artifacts and Armageddon and stars everyone’s favorite bad guy, Michael Ironside (Scanners, Total Recall).

The series marks the second time a science fiction series will be shot in HD. (The first was The 4400.) This is good news. If anything deserves to be shot in high definition, it’s science fiction. At least since Baywatch went off the air. Additionally, the producers plan to shoot the show as a five-season story arc.

More info on the story line comes from a press release:

Rear Admiral Noah Trager (Michael Ironside) leads an international team of military and scientific personnel in the recovery of an ancient alien artifact. This sentient alien structure seems to draw on the memories of its human explorers as it grows.

Trager, who dotes on his 10 year old daughter, must also contend with another mystery in his life, the unsolved murder of his wife. This is his obsession.

As they explore the artefact, Earth is devastated by a massive asteroid strike. At that very moment, the Artifact rips Trager and his crew through space-time to a mysterious Ice Planet at the edge of an ancient galaxy. Their only shelter is the damaged alien vessel.

The survivors soon discover that they have been dropped in the midst of an ancient alien war. They must now face a journey of evolution and self-discovery in order to fulfill their destinies.

The battle often plays out as personal challenges that originate from the past of the survivors themselves. Cyphers of the dead will haunt our crew such as the replicant of Trager’s daughter – through which the aliens communicate. It cannot be her, but she seems real, and a force of great danger and great hope.

These are the survivors’ stories

[via Hollywood North Report]

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  1. Hello.

    My name is Vincent Fox and I am the editor of the unofficial fan site (for unofficial fan site read fan site set up by fans who are not connected in any way to the production company) for Ice Planet.:D

    More info can be found about us and the show on our site and in various press releases.

    Thanks for the interest.

    Hope you all come over and see us sometime


  2. And thanks John for making SF Signal a part of the hype machine! Viral marketing works! 😀

  3. HD SciFi is still interesting news in my opinion and the premise sounds decent, too. At least I noted the site for what it is. And after all, it’s not like I’m posting about Mansquito 2. :-@

  4. Cool! Mansquito 2 is coming? There’s hope yet!


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