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POLL RESULTS: Buying a Book From a Vending Machine

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Would you buy a book fom a vending machine?


(74 total votes)

A few comments this week:

“What!? Half the fun is holding the book and reading the cover. Even smelling the pages. Sure, you can’t do this online, either. However, at least you can get a feel for the book through reviews and chapter reads.” – Richard Novak

“I am a book collector. I’s have to be sure the books were of good quality that would not fall apart before I’d make the purchase.” – Kristen

“I am a book freak so when I buy a book I want no creases, or bent covers. I can read a book 10 times and not break the binding!!! So I must carefully inspect the books I buy…” – Bryan

“So far 16 people have said no. I’m afraid I don’t appreciate their position. I’d assume that the vending machine itself is the only variable: that there’s a book inside that I want to read, and that the price is one I’d pay. So… why would I say no?” – Mervius

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