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POLL RESULTS: Keanu Reeves Films

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these Keanu Reeves movies do you like best?


(116 total votes)

A few comments this week:

“C’mon people! His only decent performance was in ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ – in the rest he’s just a cardboard cut out! Awesome, yeah, like – rock on!” – Richard Hawkins

“Glad you only picked the first Matrix movie, because the second and third were pretentious sh*t, like the others in the list!” – Paul Harper

“Where the hell was “Point Break” on this list?!?! I mean come on, Keanu Reeves AND Patrick Swayze. Thats Academy Award material bub!” – Trent

Trent has apparently forgotten this was a science fiction blog. πŸ™‚

Be sure to vote in this week’s poll on your favorite book from the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series!

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4 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Keanu Reeves Films

  1. I submit that “Point Break” was science fiction. If it were just fiction there could not have been a fifteen minute sky dive, they had to break the science there a little in to some easy to swallow “science fiction.”

  2. Heh-heh. BTW, that picture shows Keanu and Swayze standing on the back lot of the movie studio while some poor intern is lying between them with a portable fan pointing upwards. πŸ˜‰

  3. I cant believe the comments I am reading. Is this a jealousy thing because Keanu is so beautiful? In the real world, men and women like a lot of his movies.I have only met one guy that didnt like Keanu or his movies, he says he is jealous of him, and Keanu is a movie star!!???Keanu bashing seemed to be the thing to do. I thought it had pretty much stopped. Internet madness, eveil on purpose.

  4. I guess Keanu’s online avatar is named “Lucinda.”

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