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SF TV Reminders

For all you who are watching the SF(ish) shows on TV, here are a few reminders:

  • The short lived series, Daybreak, will be available on ABC.COM on January 29th. All episodes will be there, including the 6 never aired. I was into this show, although it was difficult to follow if you attention was split between the TV and your Sudoku puzzle book…
  • Battlestar Galactica returns this Sunday, January 21st, at 9pm CST. That’s right, Sunday. SciFi up and went and changed the date on us in an attempt, presumably, to halt sliding ratings. My fix would be to get back to what made the first show so enjoyable: the race through space to avoid the Cylons, since that appears to be what people want. Me, I still like the show, even if it isn’t as strong this season. It still doesn’t suck. And watch for something big for the season ender…
  • And now, the big new show of the season is set to return on Monday, January 22nd! That’s right, Heroes starts again! Finally. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the comic on the website so you have some more background on new characters. And in addition, NBC has greenlighted a second season. Go NBC, way to milk a cash cow!
  • LOST begins on February 7th and Jericho returns on February 21st.

No word on when Eureka starts again, or, if there is, I couldn’t find it in my 10 seconds of searching.

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  1. Hey, and we had four hours of “24” this past week. Is it SF? Technothriller, yes. Certainly some elements make if definately SF, such as cellphones that always work and never lose a call, no matter what the circumstances.


  2. Can I have a big YAWN and can you all say “HO-HUM” for “Lost”. Does anyone care anymore. Shoot him, don’t shoot him (the outcome no longer interests me).

    Allan Rosewarne Buffy fans Chicago

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