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The Anti-Christian Mythology of Phillip Pullman

From AlterNet comes a look at religion in a popular fantasy series. The article is called The Anti-Christian Mythology of Phillip Pullman. Here’s an excerpt…

Perhaps the West is so steeped in Christian mythology that we can’t imagine an outside to Christianity. Pullman gets to be antireligious simply because he criticizes one aspect of Christianity. Instead of pushing hierarchy and sexual repression, he celebrates individualism and sexual expression — as long as everybody is heterosexual, in love, and conforms to appropriate gender roles.


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5 Comments on The Anti-Christian Mythology of Phillip Pullman

  1. Eh, she’s not critiquing the book so much as playing contrast and compare between the actual work and all the gushing praise hoisted upon it by the anti-religious crowd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I think His Dark Materials is a highly enjoyable young-adult fantasy trilogy, and that’s it. If I went into it expecting an anti-Christianity polemic, I’d probably be as disappointed as she is. The next time this woman wants to read some anti-religious material she should exit the kids section of her local Borders and find some Richard Dawkins books.

  2. Pullman himself has, from comments I’ve heard in make in numerous news stories and interviews, firmly embraced the anti-religious crowd. Have you ever heard, for example, any of his tirades against the writings of C.S. Lewis?

    I have a theory that he is doing this whenever a mortgage payment is due. He makes a statement and two groups of people rush out to buy his books. There are the pro-religious nuts who buy them to burn them and the anti-religious nuts who buy them to adore them.


  3. Richard Dawkins is beginning to seriously irritate me. Lately he is advocating “militant atheists” and I couldn’t disagree any more with him. I think the one thing that most people who are atheists do correctly is “stick to the science.” Atheists should never stoop to zealotry. Once you become outspoken and militant about it, you are no better than your garden variety “bible thumper.” As an atheist myself I feel that if religion is working for you, great! I’m truly happy for you. Just don’t judge me or spew your rhetoric at me and we can all live in peace.

    For a more empirical analysis of atheism, stick with authors like David Hume who I still think has the strongest argument for atheism, and he died all the way back in 1776! Also, if you dig real deep, C.S. Lewis wrote a treatise on atheism himself which was pretty powerful… right up to the point where he says he was just playing devils advocate. :-S

  4. From all I’ve heard, Pullman is a good author. But he quite literally froths at the mouth with rage whenever C.S. Lewis comes up. His hatred is quite intense…a little professional jealousy perhaps?


  5. the excerpt at the top of this page makes me wonder about the morals of its writer. How can you truley support sex when the participants aren’t married or for that matter over 17! No sex outside of marriage is true love. It is only lust and selfish desire. i refuse to support such action and i will not teach my kids that sex is okay at 13!

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