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Charlie Huston’s Already Dead Heads to the Big Screen

Variety is reporting that Charlie Huston‘s Joe Pitt noir vampire novel, Already Dead, is headed for the big screen. There are five books planned in the series (two of which are released; No Dominion is the second one) that the producers are seeing as a potential franchise.

Let’s see…what the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah. Woot! I recently read Already Dead and its sequel, No Dominion, and this news has me giddy. As long as the keep the noir vampire feel that was so cool about the book, they should be OK. The plot should transfer to film with little or no changes. [Crosses fingers.]

This is, by the way, one of the few times that I’ve actually read the book before a movie was optioned. I sometimes read stories before their adaptations are released as a compare/contrast experiment. I did this with Philip K. Dick’s short story “Paycheck” (the short story was excellent. The movie? Not so much) and Brian Aldiss’ story “Supertoys last All Summer Long” which was turned into Spielberg’s AI in 2001 (I liked them both). And sometimes I never get around to reading the source material before seeing the adaptation. I was all set to read the Dresden File books, for example, but never got to it before being unimpressed with the SCI FI Channel version. [Looks at JP.] I still want to read the books, though.

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