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George Lucas Hates The Empire Strikes Back

George Lucas thinks The Empire Strikes Back was the worst Star Wars film.

You heard me…The Empre Strikes Back. The one written by a science fiction writer and not directed by Lucas.


[UPDATE: As noted in the comments…this is based on a statement JOKINGLY made by Lucas.]

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8 Comments on George Lucas Hates The Empire Strikes Back

  1. If you read the comments below the post you’ll find a link to this:

    Apparently, Lucas was joking.

  2. What Simon said. It was apparently just a joke, part of the evening’s festivities.

  3. Which is not to say it would surprise me in the slightest. Those darn science fiction writers and their use of…of…you know…dialogue and stuff!

    I think the prequels are a little too recent in our memories for Lucas to be freely making jokes like this… 🙂

  4. Wha…? But…I read it on the Internet so it must be true! 🙂

  5. Definitely sounds like a joke. I can’t imagine that he would be that daft to actually think this.

    Just looking at the movie poster gives me chills, this movie out of all my childhood film experiences, meant the most to me and still stands out as one of my favorite films of all time.

  6. I, most certainly, was not joking!

  7. Well slap my a** and call me a wookie. You know, that headline made me tired. I’m glad, he’s just joking. If you’re going to hate any Star Wars movies, I can think of three to hate and that one isn’t it. (Coming from someone who actually enjoys all 6 of the movies)

    Someone keep that man out of the press!!!

  8. Of all the different George Lucas press dopplegangers that have spoken in the past; the circa 1977 George Lucas is my favorite. That one was apparently killed in a storyboard accident though, and the cloners on Camino have since replaced it with a revised model more focused on “marketing to children.”


    Duncan Idaho #23

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