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LEGO Millenium Falcon – Better Than The Real Thing?

So LEGO has unleashed a gigantic Millennium Falcon for your building pleasure. Clocking in at over 5000 pieces and with a sticker price of $500, its the largest LEGO set ever made.

This is just insane. The darn thing is 3 feet long, and is built to mini figure scale so all your LEGO figs can actually fit inside it. It also comes with Han, Chewie, Ben, Luke and Leia. I am already green with envy toward anyone who buys this thing. Just don’t drop it as you’re trying to do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Better hurry, the free shipping ends on 3/21/2007. The mind boggles at how much shipping will be afterwards, considering there is no indication how much this behemoth weighs. Probably more than several small children combined. Oh, and you can only buy 5 per customer. Darn.

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6 Comments on LEGO Millenium Falcon – Better Than The Real Thing?

  1. That would be alot of fun to own…but at $500!!! :O Are they nuts?

  2. My inner twelve year old just screamed in delight. Because he doesn’t notice price tags.

    All this means, really, is that it’s an “official” Millennium Falcon LEGO set. I mean, how many of us cobbled together the Falcon at that size anyway, just with a less consistent color scheme. I know I did.

  3. Looks okay. I’d love to have one (and have someplace to put it).

    I remember a few years ago someone posted a homemade lego Falcon they made out of regular Lego bricks and not a custom kit.

    It looked fantastic and as good as, if not better than, this.

  4. My inner twelve year old just screamed in delight because he remembers what fireworks do to Lego bricks. “It blowed up real good!”

  5. Man I so want one! Certainly the price seems high (for 5k LEGOs that’s 10 cents per piece) but worse is the fact that you’d have find a place to assemble that (dining room table probably) then find a place to store it (hmm, again dining room table comes to mind – at least until the wife decides it doesn’t match the cherry furniture.)

    And dropping it would be a major problem.

  6. Dropping it? LIFTING it would be a major problem.

    I wonder what the average construction time is for something like that..

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