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POLL RESULTS: Mr. Smith Goes to Hollywood

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Wil Smith is currently filming I Am Legend. Which of these past Wil Smith sf movies is best?


(106 total votes)

A couple of comments this week:

“I went into I, Robot expecting nothing very much. Certainly not a faithful book adaptation. I came out delighted. I’ve always thought Will Smith had the capacity for solid and interesting acting. I, Robot was an example of why we need more sci-fi movies out of modern day Hollywood.” – Pete Tzinski

I-Robot shouldn’t even be in the running! That film is mostly effects. Asking to choose between Men in Black films is tough. The first is a great intro to the series but his performance in the second is just as funny because he gets to parody the MIB trope introduced in the first. Are you too scared to list Wild Wild West? Or are you suggesting that was a western?” – Richard

“Hey! John discovered comedy! Good job on the poll my friend!” – Trent

To respond:
Richard, it’s been a while since I saw Wild Wild West. Refresh my memory, does a giant, steam-powered spider make it sf? 🙂

Trent, does this increase my street cred?

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6 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Mr. Smith Goes to Hollywood

  1. John, with a choice like “That’s like asking me about my favorite method of torture,” you’re just begging people to pick that! In fact, I picked it twice!

  2. “Refresh my memory, does a giant, steam-powered spider make it sf?”
    No, it just helps confirm that the movie is a giant steaming pile of crap.
    MIBII was an utter disaster, terrible.

  3. At least he wasn’t in the arctic fighting polar bears…

  4. Yes, you now HAVE street cred.
    Now go “knock over” a Circle K you ruffian!
    I’m so proud… sniff

  5. Is that a sniff or joy? Or is there powder on your pinky nail. (H)

  6. It was joy, my little malcontent is growing up to be a “prop-a hate-a”!
    I’m all vaklempt…

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