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POLL RESULTS: The Best Discworld Novel

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these Discworld novels is best?


(126 total votes)

a few comments this week:

“I still maintain that Going Postal was one of the best Discworld novels. It was funny, it was well written, it was smart. Like a fantasy version of Paul Newman’s movie, The Sting. Barring that, Night Watch was interesting in that comedy was definitely not the point of the book, and it was the better for it.” – Pete Tzinski

“Have read and reread and reread and listened to all of them, but recommend reading a newer one like Going Postal first. The first few are different and harder for a non Pratchett fan to enjoy. The Going Postal audiobook is great, too.” – Bob

“H8a!” – JP
[To which John responds with a sticking out of the tongue and a firm exhale.]

Hogfather or Lords and Ladies. A lot of the earlier books are fun. Those are from the time when Pratchett started layering layers and layers of meaning under the humor. Good times.” – Lutanite

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