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Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

The 11th Star Trek movie is in production. Which of the previous ones is your favorite?


(146 total votes)

Looks like an “Odd Ones Suck” trend, no? And it generally gets worse as the series number gets higher.

A couple of comments this week:

“I go back and forth between The Undiscovered Country and Nemesis as my favorite. Both deal with similar themes (aging; ending; drifting apart) and I think the inclusion of endings (for characters and stories both) is what gives each film an edge and a stronger tone.” – Pete Tzinski

“Goodness, that is a heck of a list, but one can never go wrong when you have Ricardo and William Shatner in the same movie πŸ™‚ Besides without ST2 – you would never have the immortal phrase: “KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!”” – Tim

“ST2 was great because it was overall small and personal. It involved the personal vendetta of Khan against Kirk, the personal tragedy of Spock, and the personal situation involving Kirk’s son. The other movies all try to be grand and expansive and end up either being all about special effects or huge galactic battles. I fear this will never make a great sci-fi film.” – Scott

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