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SF Tidbits for 2/5/07

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5 Comments on SF Tidbits for 2/5/07

  1. “A Chewbacca impersonator was arrested in L.A. after being accused of head-butting a Hollywood tour guide.”

    The tour guide should have known better than to beat a wookie at chess.

  2. Someone must have forgotten the ‘Let the Wookie win” maxim.

    Great article on In Defense of Sci Fi…actually yours and hers were very enjoyable.

    Mr. Fancy Pants looks to be a new addiction for me, thanks for the link!

  3. Jeff patterson // February 5, 2007 at 10:49 am //

    Ah, we haven’t had the old “SF is about what it means to be human” dragged out in a while.

    I’ve been human for well over 40 years. I think I get the point. I don’t need my SF to remind me.

  4. Are you telling me my article title isn’t original? I’m shocked, simply shocked.

    Thanks for the link–and the blog name (garden of nna mmoy) is from an Ursula le Guin story.

  5. Ah! Thanks for the backstory, Andrea. šŸ™‚

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