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Some Science Fiction Eye Candy

(Updated: Added link for Batman: The Animated Series.)

While perusing the tubes this morning, I’ve run into a couple of really cool science fiction(ish) items that might be of interest to our readers.

  • First up, CGI artist Shane Acker has created an Oscar nominated animated short called 9. Sadly, the opportunities to actually see this are limited. The trailer looks cool and the visuals are outstanding. I’d love to see the whole. But, the good news is that 9 is, apparently, being made into a feature length film.
  • Second, Ralph McQuarrie is in the process of releasing his upcoming book, The Art Of Ralph McQuarrie. You may know Ralph from his work on the various Star Wars movies. But as the production page shows, Ralph is an outstanding artist. I particularly like the underwater city.
  • World’s Finest has this really nice list of title screens for Batman: The Animated Series. In fact, if you like super heroes at all, you should check out the rest of their site. They cover a lot of stuff, including The Justice League and Teen Titans.

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2 Comments on Some Science Fiction Eye Candy

  1. Might want to mention that “9” is showing as part of the third edition of The Animation Show, now on tour. Here’s the schedule.

    I saw it three weeks ago and, yes, “9” is awesome.

  2. As I suspected, The Animation Show will not be in Houston. The closest it comes is to Austin in May. Can anyone tell me why the hell Dallas gets to see this while the fourth largest city in the U.S. doesn’t? I’d like to remind everyone that J.R. and company were put out to pasture a long time ago…

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