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Tor’s Website Gets a Long-Needed Facelift

Back when I talked about How Innovative Authors are using the Internet to Increase Their Profiles, I made note of a missed opportunity by publisher Tor to fully utilize the Internet; the site was woefully out of date and was screaming for a new design.

Looks like the website got the update it deserved. Check out Tor’s new website.

[via Tobias Buckell]

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5 Comments on Tor’s Website Gets a Long-Needed Facelift

  1. That is good news. You are right, their site was bad. The Starscape site was really, really out of date so I’m glad to see they are including their imprints on this site and keeping them updated as well.

  2. I think we should all signal our approval of this new Tor books facelift by clicking over immediately to one of the pages of one of their authors (let us select one entirely at random: and buying ourselves nine copies of all his books in hardback! That will reward Tor for their efforts! Why stop at nine? Order seventeen! It makes a great gift for St. Onesimus Day!

    John C. Wright

  3. Fred Kiesche // February 16, 2007 at 11:47 am //

    It’s about frakking time. That site was the pits. Especially when you went from a site like Baen over to Tor.

    And why stop at seventeen Wright books? After all, he’s got the Wright Stuff. I suggest we all buy fifty copies of each of his books.


  4. I was all prepared to follow your advice Mr. Wright but your link isn’t working!

    By the way, you have some fantastic cover art for your books. I hope they met your expectations.

  5. Here is the link again.

    I agree the cover art is fantastic. My mom thinks it is the best part of the book. Which is a compliment. I think.

    Irene Gallo is the fearless leader of the art department of Tor books. She has a blog here:

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