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Best American Fantasy: The Rest of the Best

Jeff VanderMeer has posted a list of 25 fantasy stories that were good enough to consider for his upcoming anthology Best American Fantasy, but could not be included for various reasons:

  1. “Stab” by Chris Adrian
  2. “Dominion” by Calvin Baker
  3. “The Creation of Birds” by Christopher Barzak
  4. “Inheritance” by Jedediah Berry
  5. “The Duel” by Tobias Buckell
  6. “The Life of Captain Gareth Caernarvon” by Brendan Connell
  7. “The Paper Life They Lead” by Patrick Crerand
  8. “The Alternative History Club” by Murray Farish
  9. “Night Whiskey” by Jeffrey Ford
  10. “thirteen o’clock” by David Gerrold
  11. “Lucky Chow Fun” by Lauren Goff
  12. “Letters from Budapest” by Theodora Goss
  13. “Galileo” by John Haskell
  14. “The Marquise de Wonka” by Shelley Jackson
  15. “Irregular Verbs” by Matthew Johnson
  16. “The Mysterious Intensity of the Heart” by Jeff P. Jones
  17. “Bainbridge” by Caitlin R. Kiernan
  18. “A Secret Lexicon for the Not-Beautiful” by Beth Adele Long
  19. “A Change in Fashion” by Steven Millhauser
  20. “Robert Kennedy Remembered by Jean Baudrillard” by Gary Percesepe
  21. “The Man with the Scale in His Head” by Eman Quotah
  22. “Magnificent Pigs” by Cat Rambo
  23. “Swimming” by Veronica Schanoes
  24. “Mountain Man” by Heather Shaw
  25. “Snow Blind” by Bridget Bentz Sizer

See Jeff’s original post to get links to stories and excerpts.

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