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POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Jeff Bridges’ Film

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Jeff Bridges will appear in the Iron Man film. Which of these Bridges movies is your favorite?


(140 total votes)

Someone out there loved King Kong so much, they stuffed the ballot box. I removed the duplicate votes I knew of…take the stated vote tally with the appropriate grain of salt.

Comments this week:

“I adored Tron when I was younger. These days, it looks like a bizarre German expressionist film. But I vote for it anyway, out of respect for twelve-year-old-me.” – Pete Tz.

“I obviously chose the Lebowski answer, but if you had “The Fisher King” up there which is defiantly not Sci-Fi, why not “The Big Lebowski”? I submit that The Big Lebowshi had at least the FICTION half of Sci-Fi where The Fisher King just had a crazy Robin Williams. Am I going to have to rough you up?” – Trent

To answer Trent: Fisher King -> King Arthur -> Fantasy -> Genre -> Go Away. 🙂

Be sure to vote in this week’s poll on reading from an electronic display!

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2 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Jeff Bridges’ Film

  1. If Dr. Seuss replied… with sass!:
    I shall not go away…
    I shall not go away in a house,
    I shall not go away with a mouse.
    I shall not go away with a aplomb,
    I shall not go away with Dan’s Mom.
    I shall not go away with Sci,
    I shall not go away with Fi.
    I do not like Sci without Fi,
    I do not like, it makes me cry.

  2. LOL!
    Bonus points for using Dan’s Mom despite it being not all that difficult.

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