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POLL RESULTS: Reading from an Electronic Display

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

How much of your book reading is from a computer screen or electronic display?


(119 total votes)

Looking at this data another way: only about 10% of people read half or more of their fiction on an electronic display.

Comments this week:

“There is something satisfying about holding and smelling and turning a page in a book. Good, bad or ugly I like the feel of them.” – Bryan S.

“So this begs a follow up question: How many of those who have read a book on their PC are doing so legally? ;-)” – Trent

“Actual books read on electronic display? None. I do read a lot of online fiction on my home desktop. In fact a greater percentage of my fiction reading in online but they’re not books. Mostly what I read is shorter format works, but I can sit in front of a computer for hours and hours reading a good number of stories. I think that ability to find nearly all the Hugo and Nebula award nominees online and read them is great. There’s no way I could read them all without the internet.” – Kat

“What kind of friggin’ poll question is this?” – Rich

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