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POLL RESULTS: Trek XI Status Report

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

How would you summarize the current decisions going into Star Trek XI?


(95 total votes)

The Mehs have it.

Comments this week:

“What… no Matt Damon ‘Southie’ Star Trek Joke? No Gary Sinise ‘Lt. Dan’ joke? In the immortal words of Tuck and Roll from ‘A Bugs life’ “You fired! No, you fired. NO! YOU FIRED!” – Trent

“On the one hand, yay, it’s a new Star Trek movie. That makes me happy. On the other hand, I remember how “Young Indiana Jones Adventures,” went. Do I need a Star Trek equivalent?” – Pete

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  1. Dude, why that hatin’ on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles? I thought they were cool – the production value was movie-quality (and the fact that it was shot on 16mm made it even that much cooler to me.) The fact that it wasn’t a commercial success (although there were 44 episodes – mostly thanks to USA network) doesn’t bother me – after all Fox cancelled Firefly too.

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