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Sci-Fi From Page to Screen

MSN looks at Sci-Fi From Page to Screen that looks at film adaptations and the respect (or lack thereof) of science fiction.

Choice quotage:

[P.D.] James, an esteemed mystery writer who made her first foray into writing about the future with her novel “The Children of Men,” ruffled the feathers of other science-fiction writers by distancing herself from them. “P.D. James won few friends in the [sci-fi] community by whining about how her serious book wasn’t science fiction, all the while rewriting an old Brian Aldiss novel, “Greybeard,” says British author and film critic Kim Newman.

Who’s to blame for all this? We’ll point the finger at that famous punching bag of fan boys everywhere: George Lucas…”Star Wars” effectively ended all that, substituting space battles, nonstop special effects and simple good-versus-evil archetypes for the more complex shadings and themes that marked science fiction to that point.

“The Last Mimzy,” meanwhile, is being marketed as a children’s film…

See also: Hollywood and the Recycled Idea.

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  1. It’s a well written article. Thanks for the link. What amazes me about people who write about the lack of real science fiction in movies tend to ignore Gattaca, which was one of the best pure science fiction movies of the 90s in my opinion.

    If the Foundation stories or Hyperion are to be made, I’d rather see a smaller company work on them and treat them the same way Masterpiece Theatre handles their material.

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