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SF Tidbits for 3/15/07

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  1. While I appreciate that Mr. Sterling’s view, I cannot agree with him. The article does not document his whole “rant”, but he really went off the deep end complaining about pervasive wireless access when it was upset that the bandwidth was taken from the tv broadcasters – huh? Okay, Mr. Sterling – thanks but I don’t agree…

  2. It is easy to assume that everything you know and love about today will exist forever, when in fact that rarely happens. It’s hard to remember but back in 1990 this thing we call the web didn’t really exist. Blogs might in fact already be a passing fad. I’d daresay that I agree with him that mashups don’t have a long life.

    However, it is probably dangerous to bet against opportunities for self-expression. 10 years ago, people who could (those with the technical skills) had web sites. Today many more people have them because they are easy to do – we just happen to call them blogs rather than sites. I assume to help us mentally distinguish between commercial / informational sites and the personal journal-like blogs. Frankly, I’d argue that sites like this one and many others (from bluesnews to engadget) that focus on news and other items, probably need another name. Myspace pages and this site share little in common.

    When I first read Dave Winer’s newsletter back in the mid 90’s describing RSS and the potential, I did not get it. When JP and John decided to found SFSignal, I didn’t get it either (at the time I joked that the only use for the blog was a way for these two friends to chat with each other rather than use the phone.) I get it now – but I’m not naive enough to suggest it will last forever.

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