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TOC: Best American Fantasy

Matthew Cheney has posted the table of contents for the first edition of the annual anthology Best American Fantasy:

  1. “A Hard Truth About Waste Management” by Sumanth Prabhaker
  2. “The Stolen Father” by Eric Roe
  3. “The Saffron Gatherer” by Elizabeth Hand
  4. “The Whipping” by Julia Elliott
  5. “A Better Angel” by Chris Adrian
  6. “Draco Campestris” by Sarah Monette
  7. “Geese” by Daniel Coudriet
  8. “The Chinese Boy” by Ann Stapleton
  9. “The Flying Woman” by Meghan McCarron
  10. “First Kisses from Beyond the Grave” by Nik Houser
  11. “Song of the Selkie” by Gina Ochsner
  12. “A Troop [sic] of Baboons” by Tyler Smith
  13. “Pieces of Scheherazade” by Nicole Kornher-Stace
  14. “Origin Story” by Kelly Link
  15. “An Experiment in Governance” by E.M. Schorb
  16. “The Next Corpse Collector” by Ramola D
  17. “The Village of Ardakmoktan” by Nicole Derr
  18. “The Man Who Married a Tree” by Tony D’Souza
  19. “A Fable with Slips of White Paper Spilling from the Pockets” by Kevin Brockmeier
  20. “Pregnant” by Catherine Zeidler
  21. “The Warehouse of Saints” by Robin Hemley
  22. “The Ledge” by Austin Bunn
  23. “Lazy Taekos” by Geoffrey A. Landis
  24. “For the Love of Paul Bunyan” by Fritz Swanson
  25. “An Accounting” by Brian Evenson
  26. “Abraham Lincoln Has Been Shot” by Daniel Alarcón
  27. “Bit Forgive” by Maile Chapman
  28. “The End Of Narrative (1-29; Or 29-1)” by Peter LaSalle
  29. “Kiss” by Melora Wolff
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