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A Century of Science Fiction

The University of Delaware Library offers an online exhibit From Verne to Vonnegut: A Century of Science Fiction.

There are several “rooms” to explore…

Early work opens with Sir Thomas More’s Utopia from 1516 and showcases books by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (The Last Man, her first major work after Frankenstein), Edgar Allan Poe (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque), Jules Verne (From the Earth to the Moon), H.G. Wells (Tales of Space and Time).

The Magazines room briefly covers Hugo Gernsback’s Amazing Stories, Astounding Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Galaxy Science Fiction, and If.

Other rooms showcase other types of books. The Aliens and Others room shows samples relating to robots, martians and first contact. The Other Voices room profiles works by women, African American authors and books the deal with gender issues. Dystopias shoes the obvious, but also Alternate Histories and Disasters. There’s also a Curator’s Choice room offering exhibit curator Iris Snyder’s best picks of the genre (standalone and series).

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