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NOMINEES: Sidewise Awards

Finalists for The Sidewise Award, given to works of alternate history and named after Murray Leinster’s 1934 story “Sidewise in Time”, have been announced:


  • Robert Conroy for 1862 (Presidio Press)
  • Paul Park for The Tourmaline (Tor Books)
  • Charles Stross for The Family Trade, The Hidden Family, and The Clan Corporate (Tor Books)
  • Harry Turtledove for The Disunited States of America (Tor Books)
  • Jo Walton for Farthing (Tor Books)


  • Stephen Baxter for “The Pacific Mystery” (The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction edited by Mike Ashley, Carroll & Graf)
  • Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff for “O, Pioneer” Paradox 8
  • Gardner Dozois for “Counterfactual” (F&SF, June 2006)
  • Chris Floyd for “History Lesson” (Moscow Times, February 22, 2006)
  • Martin Gidron for “Palestina” (Interzone June 2006)
  • Brian Stableford for “The Plurality of Worlds,” (Asimov’s August 2006)
  • Andrew Tisbert for “The Meteor of the War” (Paradox 9)

See also: Past winners.

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