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POLL RESULTS: Buying Free eBooks (Redux)

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Have you ever purchased a book that you first sampled as a free eBook?


(103 total votes)

Comments this week:

“It’s all-or-nothing for me. Either I’m not interested in the e-book and don’t buy the book, or else I read part of the e-book and then definitely buy the book. There aren’t any books I’d just be content to read as ebooks. (Although there are still shelves of books I’m just content to read in paper form.)” – Pete Tzinski

“In fact I bought Accelerando by Charles Stross and read it both in e-book and in hard copy. It was very convenient, cause I could keep on reading it in my mobile phone even if I had not my hard copy with me. I plan to do the same with Blindsight by Peter Watts.” – odo

“Is the problem here that authors are giving away something that somebody thinks we should pay for? Not that I want to mention it, but isn’t the decision to give away the book up to the author that wrote it? I also would like to point out that this has similarities how video games drive demand through the use of demos or previews.” – Tim

“How about; ‘I liked the free ebook and I liked reading on a computer screen so much I bought more ebooks.’ Sorry but I like reading books on the PC more, physical books are now passé for me I guess?” – Trent

“I have purchased a significant number of Baen Books this way. First read as a free eBook, then bought the deadtree edition and then bought the eBook!” – Fred Kiesche

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