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POLL RESULTS: Summer 2007 Movies

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these 2007 summer movies are you most likely to see?


(139 total votes)

Comments this week:

“I’d be remiss as a Neil Gaiman fan if I didn’t go see Stardust…but I can’t wait for Spider-Man 3. Or Pirates 3. Or Harry Potter 5. Or…Or…Or… This list needs a “Resounding All Of The Above” choice, dag-nabbit!” – Pete Tz.

“Meh. I remain a SF snob. Nothing wrong with superhero movies, but I am unlikely to view them in the theater. (I have not seen the previous Spiderman or Fantastic Four in the theaters.) I am not a zombie/horror or fantasy fan knocking out four others on the list. I haven’t heard of Stardust or the Invasion, but the titles intrigue me. I would not mind seeing about half of these in theaters, but given my sporatic theater attendance, I’m not likely to see any.” – Kristen

“I hate to say it but Fido looks somewhat interesting to me. Sort of like the end of Shawn of the Dead taken to the next level plus all that Pleasantville type scenery. Just oozes shmultz..” – Tim

“I’d also vote for HP (I voted for Stardust). Shrek might be one for the family; we’ll see. As for the rest? Meh.” – Fred Kiesche

“I will probably see 8 out 10 of these movies.Looks to be an interesting and perhaps good summer for the movies.” – Ed

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