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POLL RESULTS: The Best Movie Ever!

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

People seem to object to the SFX “Best Movie Ever” poll. What do you think is the best sci-fi film?


(156 total votes)

I voted other, but I was undecided between The Day the Earth Stood Still and Gattacca.

Lots of comments this week:

“I realize Serenity may not be the most hugely popular choice, but I like that it gave me powerful characterization and great dialog as well as really gorgeous special effects. And the opening scene where we first see the ship is gorgeous.” – Pete Tzinski

“Metropolis Metropolis Metropolis!!!! This movie is the birth of true Sci-Fi flicks. All other Sci-Fi movies need to lick Metropolis’s’s’ses 😉 boots for paving the way for them.” – Trent

“Event Horizon” – James

“Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ Chilling in its vision. yet hopeful in the spirit of triumph shown. The robots/androids are still among the best, paving the way for Asimov and Data. Blessings” – Richard Novak

“The Day the Earth Stood Still, because it’s solid science fiction and thoughtful social commentary as well as a darn good story.” – Alexandra

“My vote goes to DARK CITY directed by Alex Proyas.” – John C. Wright

“I voted other. My personal fav is “The Abyss”. It’s a great first contact movie; it’s jut too bad it did not take place in outer space.” – Kristin

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