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SF Tidbits for 4/16/07

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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 4/16/07

  1. I agree, more or less, with John Wright about the Iron Man movie. I’ll go see it, but Iron Man was always one of my favorite characters and I have a feeling they won’t do him justice. Although it DOES have the instant advantage of not having Bryan Singer involved with it in any way. 😀

    After Civil War, I can’t get over the feeling that Iron Man is the bad guy. It makes it hard to enjoy the comics. Maybe he’ll bother me less by 2008. (maybe I’ll get a life.)

  2. There is zero, not near-zero, chance that the Iron man film will any good. If it harbors a fraction of the ruinous style of the recent animated DVD it will be even worse.

    I gave up on Marvel years ago. The schism of trying to be more realistic while being more fantastic just tore the enjoyability of the MU into shreds. Recently I enjoyed Planet Hulk and the Annihilation series, but the rest has been rubbish.

  3. See, where I thought Planet Hulk set Hulk comics back ten years. I mean, Hulk’s given us arcs like the “Tempus Fugit” arc and the “Hidden in Plain Sight” arc, all really good storytelling. And then Planet Hulk was “Hulk smashes; next scene. Hulk smashes, etc.”

    I do hope Hulk kicks Iron Man’s butt in the World War Hulk stuff. Not that I’m a grieving Captain America fan or anything.

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