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Summer 2007 Sci-Fi Movie Slate

Here are this year’s pack of summer genre-related movies opening in the U.S.:

(U.S. release dates shown)

I should also mention:

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11 Comments on Summer 2007 Sci-Fi Movie Slate

  1. Man….I need to get another job just to pay for the batch of movies.

    I’m looking forward to 1408. I always enjoyed the Stephen King short story. I hope the movie’s as good.

    And I have to see this second Fantastic Four movie to see what they do with the Silver Surfer. I mean, are we going to have Galactus? How on EARTH in a two hour film do you explain Silver Surfer, and Galactus, and all of that?

  2. Lots of good movies in those lists. One of the ones I’m looking most forward to is Daywatch. It is about time!!! 😀

  3. And don’t forget to go to the main page and vote in this week’s poll on 2007 Summer movies! 😉

  4. What, no Next?

    Aside from The Invasion, nothing is really SF here. Just a big, fat ‘Meh!’ from me.

  5. D’oh! Thanks for the omissions. That’s what I get for late-night posting…omissions.

  6. I generally count movies like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man as sci-fi, moreso than I count them as anything else. Unless super-hero has become it’s own genre.

    What about zombie movies? Aren’t those traditionally sci-fi?

  7. Fred Kiesche // April 23, 2007 at 10:32 am //

    Martian Child: I think that is going be one of those “based loosely” things. For example, changing the main character from being a single parent who is gay and is trying to adopt a child to being a single parent…well, doesn’t that kind of change the story in a major way?


  8. The impression I got from the book was that it was portrayed as a potential barrier to the adoption. Hollywood re-skinned it, I think. If so, they missed a major source for drama. Or, maybe they introduced some other barrier.

  9. Fred Kiesche // April 23, 2007 at 12:24 pm //

    Looks to me it was more likely John Cusack could get a new (female) love interest in the movie:

    “Crushed by the death of his fiancée, a writer (Cusack) adopts a 6-year-old boy in an effort to create a family. The boy, who desperately wants a father, is troubled by the idea that he’s from Mars.”

    Another summary:

    “…as a recently widowed science fiction writer who forms a unlikely family with a close friend (Amanda Peet) and a young boy…The new couple ignores some sage parenting advice…”

    Color me…skeptical.


  10. You? Naaaahhhhhhh. :-@

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