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Clone Wars Trailer has posted a trailer for the Clone Wars, the upcoming animated series.

I’m not sure how much I like the animation style. They use the “realistic” 3D animation style that you’d find in a computer game rather than the cartoon-ish style of the Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries they did back in 2005. To me, it just looks like a videogame. It’s just not realistic enough to be anything other than a distraction. It’s more like the creepy animation they did for The Polar Express. But that’s just me…    

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4 Comments on Clone Wars Trailer

  1. On the one hand, the space sequences and general special effects look really nice. On the other hand…the people just look spooky. You keep expecting Buzz Lightyear to join the battle.

    Hah. Buzz Lightyear vs. General Grievous.

    (Grievous was the most meaningless and shallow bad guy ever. Man-o-man. George Lucas really likes taking cool-looking bad guys and then carefully Doing Nothing At All with them…)

    I think I’m with you. It’s creepy-lookin’.

  2. The Grievous from the other animated series was a serious bad dude and was definitely menacing. I honestly think that George should just step back and let real writers work the series a bit more.

  3. I hate hate hate CG. Give me 2D animation any day. This is like watching old episodes of Reboot. Everyone wants to do CG, but no one can do it right, at least not yet. I’m with Pete, the people look terrible. It’s the same problem I had with the new TMNT movie (aside from the hideous plot); the backgrounds were beautiful and even the turtles looked cool, but the people were awful. CG just can’t pull off facial expressions. When Shrek first came out, I was horrified. It was one of the ugliest things I had ever seen, but no one seems to agree.

  4. As movies (and games, and robots) move closer and closer to the realistic portrayal of people, they fall into the uncanny valley. See the link for more details.

    That said, I thought this trailer was just fine for a TV show. Yes, it looked like CGI, but that doesn’t bother me, I guess. It doesn’t look any worse than Tresure Planet or E.T. to me. This is a pretty unrealistic subject to begin with.

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