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Expect a Surge of New Star Wars Mashups

Star Wars celebrates the 30th anniversary of its release tomorrow.

To commemorate the event – besides the plethora of specials and promotional campaignsthe official Star Wars website will re-launch with a new design.

Part of this includes adding a library of hundreds of photos Star Wars-related photos and video clips for sand to use in their own mashups. More evidence that Lucas is loosening his grip on the copyrights…

Yay, George!

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1 Comment on Expect a Surge of New Star Wars Mashups

  1. That Darth Vader is sure a snappy dresser!! Love the hat. Looks a lot like my hat. In fact… HEY WAIT!

    That IS my hat. That means I must be … (gasp!)


    (May I use the dark side of the force to increase my book sales?)

    John C. Wright, aka Darth Sinister

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