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Harry Potter And The Well Behaved Readers

Yahoo! News has a rather interesting article detailing how J.K. Rowling is asking HP readers to not spoil the ending for those who haven’t read the book yet.

We’re going on three months until Deathly Hallows is released, and you can bet that some people already know what happens. I’m looking at employees at the publishing house, and, of course, the editors, among others. I can imaging the temptation that some might feel to be the first to release the info on who gets the whack. But, really, who can they blab to?

The HP sites, as stated in the article, aren’t going to broadcast that information. I’m thinking that the smaller blogs will be willing to release the Whacked List in the interest of generating hits. I’m almost positive that big media won’t release any info either, unless, of course, the monetary value is perceived to be worth it.

So, the question for our readers who have pre-ordered and/or will have the last book on release day: How do you plan to avoid being spoiled over the ending?

I’m thinking it may be fairly difficult if you access HP web sites frequently and are engaged in HP discussions. You know, typical fan type things. I’ll be trying to avoid spoilers as well since the enjoyment will much greater that way. Then I can tease my son: “I know a secret! Mwuahahahaha!” But that’s just me.

And if you haven’t participated in our Harry Potter Outreach Program yet, you can go to our post and contribute. I’ll be tabulating the results so far for a future post.

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7 Comments on Harry Potter And The Well Behaved Readers

  1. I plan to go to my local Tesco at about 7 a.m. on the 21st – headphones in, music blaring – grab a copy off the teetering pile, pay for it via the self-service checkout without making so much as minimal eye-contact with a single member of staff, then leg it back to the car, go home, lock myself in the office and read until I’m done… and if anyone tries to so much as mention a single HP plot-point to me in the run-up I’ll just have to mace them…

  2. LOL! πŸ˜›

  3. JP/Grasshopper: To insulate oneself from spoiler-boy bookstore clerks, yappy speedreaders and the like, one must cultivate the discipline and ability to shut out the world… the focus possessed by a Zen master, a Shaolin monk, or one of those guards in front of Buckingham Palace with the tall fuzzy hats that endure the idiotic antics of tourists who wave at them, tell them raunchy jokes or spill ice cream cones on them in failed efforts to get them to change expression. In the words of Lucas’ gnarly little green guy, you’ve gotta have “the deepest commitment”. So saith the movie lineup masters of yore. Focus on the book and the book only, the distractions of the world do not exist.

    Headphones? We don’t need no stinkin’ headphones!

  4. I preordered from Amazon for my wife. I just did it to get lucky.

  5. My wife and I are buying two copies the night of the opening. Starting about now, I immediately turn away from any conversation involving Harry Potter that isn’t with close friends. I don’t read news articles (SFSignal being an exception), and I turn off the TV/Radio if any mention is made. As Ariel said, the night of the opening, we’ll be there with headphones on, just in case some dude wants to make a name for himself by turning to the last chapter and blurting the names.

    As an aside, I was talking about this with a friend last night and he imagined a scene, as seen from a news copter, of a tiny person or persons being chased down the road by a mob of angry HP fans. Torches and pitchforks and all. It’s funny, but I bet there could be homicides of someone were to spoil the ending at the various opening nights.

  6. This reminds me of my movie-going experience with Return of the Jedi. The hype was HUGE in 1983 and and me and a couple of buddies skipped school to see an early showing at the local RKO theater. We waited in line for hours to get in and just as the previous showing let out, my firend’s brother (who saw the earlier showing) saw us and blurted out “Darth Vader dies!!!”

    Serious suckage.

  7. Everybody knows how it’s all going to end: Harry is going to wake up from a cannabis-induced high and realized that it was all a dream. His last name “Potter” in the dream is actually a bastardization of what people called him in real life, “Pothead.” He realizes that the only magic that he can do is alter his own reality with little puffs of smoke.

    The real titles should have been…

    1. Hairy Pothead and the Sorcerer’s Stoned.

    2. Cannabis of Secrets

    3. Prisoner of Azkabong

    4. Globs of Fries (a.k.a.: The Munchies, part 1)

    5. Double Order of the Free-toes (a.k.a: The Munchies, part 2)

    6. Half-Baked Prince

    7. Deathly Bellows

    The End! It’s about damn time! I hope I never have to hear about Harry Potter again!

    Update: What? No one caught the author’s pseudonym is really short for J/K: ROFL as in Just Kidding: Rolling [On The Floor Laughing all the way to the $$bank$$]?!?!?

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