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Harry Potter Land

Just when you thought Pottermania would finally die down after the release of the last book, come word that Warner Bros. and Universal will be opening a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando sometime during 2009. That’s right, a Potter theme park. As if seven books and seven movies isn’t enough, the llPotter cash cow will continue in the land of oranges and sunshine.

I’d assume that there will be a Hogwarts Castle a la Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyworld, and at least one rollercoaster will be themed to match Harry’s broomstick (either the Nimrod 2000 or the Rollercoaster of Puking, take your pick). I’m sure there will also be a Hogmeads food area and Quidditch field (pitch?). I’d like to be able to throw bludgers at animatronic Potters, that would be cool. I’m sure there are tons of things they will do.

But will people actually go? I’d say there will be an initial crush as people check out what the park is like, but to be successful long term, it will have to offer something more than just all Potter, all the time. Like rides, good ones, and lots of them. But then again, if the Lumos 2006 is any indication, there are already some over obsessive fans. Harry Potter pr0n? Yes, Potter slash fiction. Really. Let’s hope none of that makes it into the theme park. After all, the characters are kids for crying out loud. WTH?

So back on topic, I’m not sure whether to wish Warner Bros., Universal and Rowling success in their next money grubbing endeavor or not. I’m sure Rowling thinks it’ll be fun, and it could be. I’m just not sure how long lasting a Potter-themed park will be. I guess we’ll find out starting in two years.

Update: Alright, with more information coming in, via MuggleNet, I officially tone down my initial skepticism. It seems that The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter will be a themed area within Universal Studios Orlando. Aside from the areas mentioned at the website, no real word on what kind of attractions we can expect to see. But to stay in my curmudgeon role: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Is ‘wizarding’ even a word? Doesn’t really ro of the tongue does it?

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  1. Aren’t all theme parks put up by ‘money grubbing’ people? For that matter, aren’t all businesses started by the same? Don’t you, in fact, work for money? I don’t see any reason why it’s wrong for Universal to try to maximize the value of their investments.

    And while I share a similar scepticism over Potter-land, I suspect people had the same thought when Disney opened his first park back in 1971. A whole theme park about cartoons?

  2. We don’t “work” for our money — we do what we like and they just happen to pay us more $$$ than when we do what we don’t like — like saying “Do you want fries with that?”

  3. Incendio Forum!

    JP, I know the kid in you is not dead. I’ve met him. He’s fun to play with. But what deep dark closet was he locked in when you wrote this post? 😀 Just jokes man, but truly I thought you liked the Potter books? Is the magic lost for you?

    On topic: You can do this theme park right or wrong. I’m hoping they treat the IP well and make it fun for adults and kids. But I fear they will lean a little too hard to the kids sides. What I fear most is the Harry Potter themed animatronic ride similar to Disneys “It’s a small world”. They will most assuredly make a inane repetitive song for it that will cause me to cast “Avada Kadavra” (killing curse) on everyone, including Dan’s mom. I remain skeptical, but hope they pull it off tastefully.

  4. There’s maximizing the value of your investments (who talks like that? Rue the day!), then there’s riding the horse till it drops, flogging the carcass and then selling Harry Potter brand glue. This park, based on what I feel is the long term prospect, would fall into the latter category.

    And not all businesses are started by money grubbing people. Some are “hey, we’ve got a cool product and/or service that just happens to make us money”, while this is “We’ve got a cash cow that is quickly running dry. What can we do to make sure the cow keeps giving us the golden milk?”

    And now we’re talking IP. Ok, I can do that. Disney has a larger IP field to work from than just one setting. And Disneyworld/land is really aimed at families with younger kids. They aren’t a traditional themepark like Six Flags or Kennywood, with rides geared toward older kids. You know, like people who read Harry Potter. To me, this is a poorly thought out attempt at a theme park, with the Harry Potter moniker attached with the goal of attracting fans of the books. If it were a non-HP park, would it work? Hell, they closed Astroworld, is there room for another park?

    And I do still like the books, I’ve pre-ordered the last one. It’s just that to me, this whole theme park thing is completely over the top, bordering on insane.

  5. I don’t think anyone is against making money – heck I make money all the time, but not in the way that you might think. I earn it – thats it “earn”.

    Anyways, I think the point here is that the Harry Potter Land park is simply done to cash in on the hysteria that is Harry Potter, and comparing it to Disney is not the same thing. See Disney opened his first park in 1955 in California and at that time, it was something very very new.

    I like roller coasters and rides and nothing is wrong with that, but come on the IP here is a bit weak to cover a whole park. I also want to know if this park is successful when does Lord of the Rings Land come about? Cuz you know I want to ride the Mount Doom Roller coaster…

  6. Oooo, Mount Doom Rollercoaster.

    Is that the one where, at the end of the ride, instead of taking your picture, they take a finger?

  7. “And while I share a similar scepticism over Potter-land, I suspect people had the same thought when Disney opened his first park back in 1971.”

    I think it was a tad before that. As I recall, the first theme park opened up in black-and-white. It wasn’t until Disneyworld, Epcot, etc., opened that Disney had a theme park in color.


  8. I for 1 cannot wait to visit harry potter land


    and i agree with “scottish” many people may sceculate the advisability of a theme park based souly on Harry Potter but that is probably held true with many themeparks. 😛

  9. This sounds sooo exciting. Fantasy worlds totally impress and intrigue me!! Recently, I have been reading the famous fantasy novels of CS Lewis- The Chronicles of Narnia, and am highly impressed by the author’s imagination as well as the few well-described war sequences in the stories and of course the magical land of Narnia itself! Since reading these and Lord of the Rings and of course Harry Potter, I’ve become an ardent fan of books that deal with new magical worlds.

    In fact, Disney and Walden are coming up with the latest Narnia movie-Prince Caspian, this May 16th. It promises to be awesome by the looks of the trailer. The very hot Ben Barnes is playing the character of Prince Caspian!! I am soo awaiting this release. Watch the trailer here-

    I’m sure it’ll enthrall you! I love the fact that these fantasy worlds are coming as close to reality as they possibly could! 🙂

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