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LOST Season Finale: Now That’s How You End A Season

(Note: Consider this whole post as a spoiler. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, read no further. You will be spoiled worse than John.)

With all due respect to Heroes, whose season finale was underwhelming, LOST‘s finale pretty much shows how its done. While we didn’t learn a lot mythology-wise, we did get some stuff. Like, Penny Widmore isn’t behind the ‘rescue’ ship from where Naomi came, the Others (and the island) are fighting another group of people who are behind the ‘rescue’ ship (DHARMA? Someone else?), the island has chosen Locke to help and we see Locke is a mean shot at knife throwing. Ouch.

We get the resolution of the Other storyline that’s been running throughout this season. We see Ben’s plans slowly fall apart as the situation spins out of his control, but we also learn that Ben is doing everything he does in the belief that he is protecting the island. He’s still a lying, manipulative bastard which leads to the long awaited and much warranted pwning at the hands of Jack, and we see that he is not infallible. This is spectacularly illustrated in Ben’s failed bluff to get Jack to destroy the satellite phone by having his cohorts on the beach pretend to kill Sayid, Bernard and Jin. Ben obviously felt Jack would cave and all would be alright. The obvious flaw in Ben’s plan is what happened after Jack, finally becoming a real leader and sticking to his guns come thick or thin, calls Ben’s bluff. Again, ouch. And, really, the way the Others come out of this episode being devastated was something I wasn’t expecting. Now it looks like Ben’s power is gone and the anti-Ben faction will be able to openly move against him. I also liked Hurley’s heroics to save Juliette and Sawyer. You can’t help but feel good for Hurley who finally got a chance to be a hero. Nicely done by the writers.

The second storyline about the Looking Glass I felt was well done as well. The mind games being played between Mikhail, Ben and the babes in the hatch was well done. Ben being forced to admit lying to Mikhail only highlighted how much things had gone out his control, and yet, Mikhail is still loyal enough to do what Ben asked. The claustrophobia induced by being in a small hatch 60 feet or so underwater certainly helped add to the tension of the situation as Charlie, Mikhail, Desmond and two other Others maneuvered for control of the situation. And who didn’t know that Mikhail wasn’t really dead even after taking a harpoon to the chest? And I hope all you Charlie haters are happy now. Charlie did everything he did with the full expectation of dying, which happened, just as Desmond predicted, but not as we were lead to assume. Again, a nice mis-direction by the writers which added even more poignancy to Charlie’s death. I was sad to see Charlie go, especially since his actions may not have the happy outcome he expected. And now Desmond has take take the news back to Claire. Sad.

The only thing I thought was just OK was Jack’s ‘flashback’. Aside from the twist at the end of it, we pretty much see Jack being a drunken, drugged-out loser. A far cry from the man we see who, apparently, has lead his charges to rescue. He’s pretty messed up, and we only learn why when we discover it’s not a flashback at all, but a ‘flashforward’, and his ‘It wasn’t supposed to happen this way’ line paints the actions on the island in a new light. Is this truly the future? Ben said if the rescue helicopter came, then Jack and his friends would all die. According to the flashforward, they don’t but are given ‘Golden Passes’ on Oceanic Air. Which is odd. Doesn’t the world think they are all dead? That one scene with Kate opens up a slew of new questions as to the nature of the island and the hell is actually going on.

Which leads me to the one question that was never asked, with one exception. That being ‘Why?’. Alex actually asked Ben, as they were trying to intercept Jack and the Losties, ‘Why don’t you just let them leave?” Yes! Finally, someone asking the right question. Ben’s non-answer answer: “I can’t, Alex”. This should have been the time Alex asked a two-year old’s favorite question: “Why?” But she didn’t. I would have kept on asking why until Ben couldn’t take it anymore. They had time during their walk to explain why, but Alex just accepted the answer and moved on. Later, when Locke shows up to confront Jack of the satellite phone, he says: “This isn’t supposed to happen this way.” Did Jack bother to ask “why?” or “What isn’t supposed to happen this way?” No! He just called Locke’s bluff and answered the sat phone. Gah. Come on, ask the damn question.

Of course, the ‘why’ of the situation will be explained over the coming 48 episodes, so we’ll just have to wait (until 2008!) to start learning why. Still, I felt this was a finale that lived up to expectations and the stellar writing that we’ve seen in the second half of season 3. It’s a long haul till January of next year, I’m sure there will be much gnashing of teeth over the wait and there will be even more theories as to the what is going on. Hopefully, the writers will begin to give us more answers starting next year. I can’t wait.

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9 Comments on LOST Season Finale: Now That’s How You End A Season

  1. Below is a cut/paste of the chat I had with JP on the finale of Lost, and a little bit on Heroes.

    Beware – spoilers galore!

    [13:00] Kevin (B): talk to me about ‘lost’. what did you think?

    [13:00] JP Frantz: RTFB?

    [13:00] JP Frantz: much?

    [13:00] JP Frantz: 😀

    [13:00] JP Frantz: I lied it

    [13:00] JP Frantz: liked

    [13:01] Kevin (B): i do not rtfb much.

    [13:01] JP Frantz: I see that

    [13:01] Kevin (B): okay, at all.

    [13:01] JP Frantz: !!!

    [13:01] JP Frantz: you should

    [13:01] JP Frantz: John is there

    [13:01] Kevin (B): i know.

    [13:01] Kevin (B): i should.

    [13:01] Kevin (B): i will.

    [13:01] Kevin (B): i’ll go read your comments and comment myself.

    [13:02] Kevin (B): so at what point did you realize that the jack flashback was actually a flashforward? i was working while watching it, so was wondering if i missed some subtle clues.

    [13:02] JP Frantz: when Kate showed up

    [13:03] JP Frantz: they did a nice job hiding it in plain sight

    [13:03] Kevin (B): yeah.

    [13:03] JP Frantz: of course, the new chief resident guy was the guy who helped locke out of his wheelchair

    [13:03] JP Frantz: that was a big clue I missed

    [13:03] Kevin (B): oh, really?

    [13:03] JP Frantz: yes

    [13:03] JP Frantz: right after his ‘accident’

    [13:04] Kevin (B): huh.

    [13:04] JP Frantz: they are sneaky

    [13:04] Kevin (B): i went back and re-watched teh beginning to see if they told who died, but i didn’t see anything.

    [13:04] JP Frantz: no they dont

    [13:04] JP Frantz: there’s a huge discussion of it on teh interwebs

    [13:05] Kevin (B): i had a few problems with the show. overall good, though.

    [13:05] JP Frantz: I just wanted Jack to ask ‘Why’

    [13:05] JP Frantz: just once

    [13:05] Kevin (B): why what?

    [13:05] JP Frantz: why is Ben acting the way he is

    [13:05] JP Frantz: why should the losties stay

    [13:06] JP Frantz: why would the people onthe boat want to attack the island

    [13:06] JP Frantz: etc

    [13:06] JP Frantz: these guys have screencaps of the newspaper

    [13:06] JP Frantz:

    [13:08] Kevin (B): oh, yeah.

    [13:08] Kevin (B): one of my big problems was that if ben and locke didn’t want jack to answer the call, they should have just told him WHY!

    [13:08] JP Frantz: exactly

    [13:09] JP Frantz: ben sorta did

    [13:09] Kevin (B): at least ben should have said ‘hey, before you beat the hell out of me, maybe i should clue you in on why i’m acting this way.’

    [13:09] JP Frantz: that would be nice

    [13:10] Kevin (B): so season 4 will be the survivors and what’s left of the others combining forces against this new enemy.

    [13:10] JP Frantz: probably so

    [13:10] JP Frantz: if they can manage to change the future

    [13:10] Kevin (B): and more of desmond’s girlfriend trying to track them down.

    [13:10] JP Frantz: correct

    [13:10] JP Frantz: I wish I had a coherent theory as to what is going on

    [13:10] JP Frantz: but I dont

    [13:11] JP Frantz: its all incoherent

    [13:11] Kevin (B): my biggest problem, though, was that charlie killed himself. for one thing, the porthole was plenty big enough for him to swim out of.

    [13:11] JP Frantz: I dont think it was that big

    [13:11] JP Frantz: maybe

    [13:12] Kevin (B): and second, even if the producers had thought enough to make the porthole smaller, they swam IN, so it should be much easier for them to swim out.

    [13:12] Kevin (B): this coming from an ex-lifeguard.

    [13:13] JP Frantz: I’m not sure I follow

    [13:14] JP Frantz: are you saying its easier to swim up?

    [13:14] JP Frantz: cause that is true

    [13:14] Kevin (B): yes.

    [13:14] Kevin (B): wait until the compartment fills with water, swim out and let the water do the rest.

    [13:15] JP Frantz: but the point is moot if the hole is too small

    [13:15] Kevin (B): no, if he doesn’t close the door, then they both swim out the way they came in. i assume desmond is going to do that anyway.

    [13:15] JP Frantz: oh I see

    [13:15] JP Frantz: good point

    [13:16] Kevin (B): unless crazy german guy is out there with another hand grenade.

    [13:16] JP Frantz: I thought there was enough time for Charlie to run out through the hatch, shut it and dog it closes

    [13:16] JP Frantz: I have to assume he is dead dead dead

    [13:16] Kevin (B): yeah, right.

    [13:16] JP Frantz: underwater shock waves are brutal

    [13:16] Kevin (B): so are harpoons to the chest.

    [13:16] JP Frantz: not necessarily

    [13:16] JP Frantz: shoot for the head

    [13:17] JP Frantz: if any leason is to be learned from Lost, that’s it

    [13:17] Kevin (B): heh.

    [13:17] Kevin (B): that’s true.

    [13:18] Kevin (B): and would it have killed jack’s wife to give him a ride home? sheesh.

    [13:18] JP Frantz: my thinking is that charlie sacrificed himself to ensure Claire and the baby are rescued

    [13:18] JP Frantz: if he saved himself, then that might not happen

    [13:18] Kevin (B): okay, maybe.

    [13:18] JP Frantz: but then again, he had turned off the machine

    [13:18] JP Frantz: I think it would have

    [13:18] JP Frantz: she is ungrateful

    [13:18] JP Frantz: 😉

    [13:19] Kevin (B): i thought the heroes finale was rather ‘meh’.

    [13:20] Kevin (B): i’m still waiting for a big confrontation between sylar and peter.

    [13:20] Kevin (B): knocking buildings down level confrontation.

    [13:20] JP Frantz: we are right there with you

    [13:20] JP Frantz: you really should RTFB

    [13:20] JP Frantz: 😀

    [13:20] Kevin (B): oh.

    [13:20] Kevin (B): i should just cut/paste this chat into a blog comment.

    [13:20] JP Frantz: heh

    [13:20] JP Frantz: that would rule

    [13:21] Kevin (B): are there spoilers in the blog entries?

    [13:21] JP Frantz: for heroes and lost?

    [13:21] JP Frantz: oh yes

    [13:21] Kevin (B): yes.

    [13:21] JP Frantz: I at least warn people

    [13:21] JP Frantz: John lets them wander in an awares

    [13:21] JP Frantz: teh bastage

    [13:21] Kevin (B): so do you care if i do that, then?

    [13:21] JP Frantz: no, go right ahead

    [13:28] Kevin (B): and what’s up with two shows i like having someone named ‘claire’?

    [13:29] JP Frantz: coincidence

    [13:29] JP Frantz: or not?

    [13:29] JP Frantz: you decide

  2. Note to self, next time Kevin asks if I mind if he posts an IM transcript, he means the whole. darn. thing.


  3. Dudes, I so gave a spoiler warning…:^)

  4. Oh, I apologize. I didn’t know we were watching byte counts on posts. Is hard drive space at a premium? Should I start abbreviating words?

  5. WTF is RTFB?

  6. Gee, if only there was some way we could find out. :-@

  7. Too funny. I enjoyed the Heroes finale. But I was completely underwhelmed with the Lost finale. I was actually ticked off that I stayed up to watch it.

  8. JP,

    I agree, the LOST finale was MUCH more interesting than the Heroes finale. I still like Heroes better than LOST, but as far as season finales go, LOST was much better than Heroes.

    Actually, I thought Jericho had a better season finale than Heroes as well. Unfortunately, it turns out it was the SERIES finale for Jericho! Which bummed me out…

  9. AKILMATIK // May 26, 2007 at 6:26 pm //

    So…is LOST definitely gonna return next season? If so the writers are gonna have to pull out more tricks than the democratic party to make it work. I have faith that they can do it. It would probably take place off of the island and hinge on the potential of the “flashbacks”. Anyway, I’m anticipating the new season.

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