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New Heroes Coming To Heroes

A couple of weeks ago, John was all atwitter when he thought that a new hero was being introduced on Heroes to help fight Sylar (turns out it was an old hero, Molly Walker). I wonder how he’ll react to the news that new heroes will be introduced in the season finale?

Apparently, as Tim Kring has said before, each season is like a volume, telling one story. The next season, called Heroes: Generations (no word on whether Kirk dies in this season too), will focus more on the newcomer’s story. As a result, new characters will be added, and some old ones will be, uh, ‘removed’ (my word, not theirs). The rational is actually quite a good one, as Kring says:

The idea was that we wanted to make it easy for viewers to be able to come on in the second season. And we thought if we wrapped the show too tightly around itself so that you had to watch 23 episodes before, I would be harder for new viewer to find the show. And we always want to be a show that has the barrier of entry low enough so that new viewers can join if they want.

In other words, how to do a serialized show without being completely serial. I kinda like this idea as it makes it easier for the new viewers to get into the show without having to slog through the previous season(s). This was the crux of Scott’s comment on my previous LOST post: How do you get back into it? With Heroes, its not a big deal. In theory anyway, we’ll see how it actually works.

With that in mind, we get a glimpse that the season ending cliffhanger my be a bit different too. Rather than a ‘OMG! Who’s going to live???’ ending, I bet we get more of a ‘Where do they go from here?’ type. I’m interested to see how they do this and I hope season 2 does go down the toilet.

And it’s nice to see the ratings tick upwards a bit too, although they are down from the initial episodes. What confuses me are the people who want to watch Dancing With The Stars over other, better shows. Heck, The Bachelor beat out Heroes. What?

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10 Comments on New Heroes Coming To Heroes

  1. Wow! I can’t imagine them getting rid of too many characters.

    If they get rid of Hiro and/or Peter they may loose a big chunk of their viewers. It will be interesting to see who goes and who stays.

  2. a·twit·ter (ə-twĭt’ər) adj. Being in a state of nervous excitement;

    Gosh, that does sound like me! 🙂

    As far as the viewership retention and increase, I think they’re making the right moves. Nobody likes the WTF feeling of coming into the middle of series. Well, at least I don’t.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of introducing last-minute characters into a storyline. It feels like a cheat. I’m reminded of the movie Murder by Death where Truman Capote (as Lionel Twain) opines “You’ve tricked and fooled your readers for years. You’ve tortured us all with surprise endings that made no sense. You’ve introduced characters in the last five pages that were never in the book before.” (Go, go, gadget IMBD Quotes!)

    I do still have issues with Heroes. I worry that some characters (Sylar and Hiro) are becoming too powerful. Seriously, is there anything Sylar can’t do? I hate it when plot makes me wonder why so-and-so just didn’t use power X to prevent some bad thing from happening. I mean, Geez…Hiro can change time!

    Don’t get me wrong…I still think it’s the best show I currently watch (not that I watch a whole lot), but these nits do still persist.

  3. Has Hiro actually changed time at all? I guess we’ll find out next Monday. If he can actually kill Sylar, then we will know that he can affect changes in the past.

    And Sylar can’t, yet, time travel or read thoughts, etc. Yes, he is powerful, but so is Peter. Which is why you see them facing off next week. Still, Hiro should just stop time, go all vorpal on Sylar and be done with it.

  4. If they get rid of Hiro and Peter, I think a lot of people will be upset (myself included). Plus this whole idea of keeping the barrier of entry low sounds good but I’m not sure it will really work. How can they make it so that someone coming in cold next season will understand what’s going on? Unless of course they basically end this whole story line this season (in one episode, which seems unlikely) and start new next season.

    I think a lot of regular viewers might feel cheated …

  5. I love the “go all vorpal” phrase. That’s awesome.

    I’m perfectly sanguine with the introduction of new characters. The problem is, Heroes doesn’t work comfortably as a TV show, I don’t think, but if you think about it like a comic book, it works fine. The episodes felt weird and disjointed for the first half of the season until I thought about it in comic book terms, and then it works brilliantly for me.

    So for the introduction of new heroes, think X-Men. Yes, Cyclops and the original team are still having adventures, but now we’ve got Rogue’s team, we’ve got X-23, we’ve got X-Factor…And even the Uncanny X-Men team roster changes up. I don’t mind.

    I’m looking forward to the heroes finale, and the next season. I’ve been getting more and more giddy about Heroes as it’s gone on. By the time we got to the “FIve Years Later” episode, I was just about off the wall.

  6. I love the concept of self contained seasons. This worked very well for other shows like Buffy. Each season had a story arc but was self contained. There were some references to past seasons in terms of character development but they were easily followed. I introduced a friend to Buffy using my new Season 4 DVD and she had no problem getting into it.

    Anyway, not to go all Buffy on this thread…

    I do agree with some of the Hiro comments, his power was always a plot danger. Just too many ways to abuse it. They need to either tone him down or (gulp!) kill him off.


  7. I love Hiro! Pete = Total Hiro Fanboy. Damn it.

    Buffy is a great example. I came in on Season 4 myself, actually, then watched my way forward and back very happily. I look forward to Heroes being the same way. It’s Up There on my list right now, by Babylon 5, as great stories. Sometimes, TV produces TV shows and sometimes it produces stories in TV form. Heroes is the latter.

  8. As a novelis, I love the idea of a series where it’s clear the authors know how things are to end. It gives everything a sense of “we’re not really making this up as we go along.” Babylon 5 had that; you could never assume something was just a throw-away line because two seasons later, it would mean something! Lost has a bit of that quality, although there have been episodes I thought were written during NaNoWriMo – I need to fill pages, write anything. I see with Heroes a clear plot, not just episodic television or even a soap opera feel, where things mentioned a year ago are forgotten as writers look for ratings or sensations or whatever.

    I love Heroes, but I’ve got a thing for Super Heroes anyway!

  9. Im sorry to disagree with prevailing wisdom but I dont think that heroes needs to be dumbed down for people joining later. Its their fault download the missed episodes or watch em on nbc and see if you like it. What is the point of a show that doesn’t move on to more complexities…

    Anyhow I love heroes but I see the same issues as mentioned above. My main one is the power of Peter Petrelli…I mean he can absorb everything…lol there is a reason why comics havent went there…b/c he is near god status. The fact that there is no downside is amazing…I mean even professor x was mentally all powerful but physically weak. What is peters negative???

    I agree about hiro and sylar as well..That trio is too powerful, I dont know what the writers were thinking.

    As far as killing of heroes, I am attached to em all. Truly if they start killing off chars just to bring new ones in this will be a short lived series. I feel that the writers have NO IDEA where they are going…which is kinda like riding in a car with a drunk friend…its fun before you crash and die…hopefully heroes will sober up and take a nod from the xfiles, buffy, or any other long lasting sci-fi show.

  10. Molly-Walker // November 23, 2007 at 5:47 am //

    Actally, plenty of comic books and series have used Peter’s power quite effectively; Rogue from the X-men could also absorb other people’s abilities, and even their memories and in some cases their entire psyke. And Peter does have a weakness when it comes to using his power/s; he has to be remembering the way that ‘Hero’ made him feel, or be feeling that same way. I guess I’m writing this with hindsight, but in the final episodes of season one, Peter meets the man who releases nucleur energy from his body (Teddy?), and, being afraid of blowing up the city, instantly associates that fear with Teddy and his power. Therefore, whenever he gets really scared, he starts going nucleur, making him more scared, which really makes the situation worse.

    Hiro is hardly all-powerful. Although it’s true that he can bend the space-time continuum, his control of his powers are not particularly stable, and he cannot always change history; despite his best efforts, he could not save Charlie. Future-Hiro may have changed the course of history, but it was through a series of accidents; “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” would not have actually helped as it was never Sylar who blew up NY in the first place, and he still has his short-comings.

    Meanwhile, in season two, or at least where I’m up to, Sylar has lost his powers. Even with them, I don’t think Sylar is always very good at thinking things through; I would not generally consider mass-murderers to be particularily mentally-stable.

    Claire is probably the most powerful hero; she doesn’t seem able to ever truely die, while it would seem that even Peter would have to think a little in order to heal himself.

    If you want to see a case of a truely over-powered superhero, take a look at the Pheonix Force (Jean Grey/Marvel Girl) in the X-men. She can pick things apart molecule by molecule and simply refuses to stay dead, generally returning in at most a couple of issues. Or at Wolverine, although he at least is not shown to be “perfect” personality wise and is on the whole a lot more likeable than the aforementioned redhead.

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