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POLL RESULTS: Book Signings

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Have you ever attended a book signing?


(83 total votes)

Wow. Poll attendance was down this week. Note to self: book signings (or possible poorly-worded polls) are not popular with fans.

Although those that did vote weren’t shy about commenting…

“I’ve attended a couple of booksignings, mainly here in the Twin Cities. My friend Elizabeth Bear, when she came through, and local author Lois M Bujold when she was promoting The Hallowed Hunt.” – Paul Weimer

“Terry Brooks. I was in Colorado on Spring Break years ago. I had bought his book to read while on vacation and the cashier said, oh he is here tonight. So we came back and when I meet him, I laughed and said, Hey I am your BIGGEST FAN. Misery (the movie) had just come out. He smiled and signed my book (then spelled my name work after his assistant told him how to spell it). I think it was getting back at me for the bad joke…” – Bryans

“Dan Simmons” – Richard Novak

“Adam West, signing a book about his Batman days (I forgot the title). Say what you want about him, but he was a nice guy and stayed long after he was scheduled so he could sign everyone’s book. I especially appreciated this because I was near the back of the line.” – Matthew Sanborn Smith

“Tom Clancy. Several times. He appeared at a bookstore near where I worked in NYC. Otherwise, only at SF conventions, for Asimov, Bester, Clement and several others. For some reason SF authors don’t seem to get the same “touring rights” as non-SF authors.” – Fred Kiesch

“Yes, but I didn’t know the author was going to be there. I was just going to the book store and Robert Jordan, of the “Wheel of Time” series, was signing at the downtown Houston Bookstop on Shepard. He seemed a little agitated that there wasn’t a line out the door for him. I’d say there were maybe 40 people in line for him when I got there. Thats a big bookstore so 40 people didn’t look like a lot to him I guess? ;-)” – Trent

“I attended a Douglas Adams book signing in the mid 1980s for So Long And Thanks For All the Fish…” – John Lanius

“At various signings: Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, Stephen Donaldson, Kevin Anderson, Grant Morrison, & Carmine Infantino” – Tycho42

“Book signings at actual bookstores: Orson Scott Card, Rob Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson (the two were at the same event), Neal Stephenson. At Cons: too numerous to remember off the top of my head.” – hugh57

“Sure, last one I went to was a Neil Gaiman signing at the Mall of America, the most awkward place in the world for a book signing. We had a bizarre conversation about resurrecting long-dead fountain pen makers to make us new and quality pens.” – Pete Tz.

“That was in 2004 when Tad Williams came to Cologne to promote the German edition of “The War of Flowers” and the Otherland radio play. But he also read from his books.” – Frank

“George Pelacanos, Gore Vidal, Alton Brown and Frederick Pohl.” – platyjoe

“China Mieville, most recently. I was lucky enough to catch him when he “toured” for Iron Council a few years ago.” – Eric

“Yesterday, I went to Faith Hunter and Kim Harrison’s double signing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many SF or fantasy writers that come to my little piece of the world. Neil Gaiman was in town a couple of years ago, and the stupid thing sold out before anyone local even heard about it. * pout *” – Misty

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1 Comment on POLL RESULTS: Book Signings

  1. I’ve gone to about three book signings a year. Of course, it was me signing my books for customers, so maybe that does not count.
    At each book signing, I sold between two and five books. Since I get roughly a buck and a half for each hardback sold, 75 cents for a paperback, none of these booksignings actually paid for the gas money spent to go there. But economics is not why writers go to book signings. We want to honor our patrons.
    I once sat next to Gene Wolfe at a booksigning. Unlike me, he is a real author. A line stretching all the way across the room and out the door was queued up for him, some people with a score of books in hand. He was just as genial and polite to the last reader as to the first: it was real professionalism; he was a real gentleman. There was nothing selfish or standoffish about him at all. That is the model all writers should follow.

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