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POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Firefly Episode

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

The fanbase of Joss Whedon’s Firefly is still going strong. Which episode is your favorite?


(438 total votes)

During the early days of this post, there was apparent ballot-stuffing going on, so make of these results what you will.

Some comments this week:

“Every episode is absolute Gold, I voted Jaynestown because it was so ‘off the wall’.” – BrianD

“You really can’t stop this signal. We Firefly fans are seriously committed!” – Devon
[Ed: If not, you ought to be. :)]

“Where is the “all of the above” answer? Time to work on voting across the board…” – Tim

“I just voted for “Out of Gas” a great story, but it looks like someone has already stuffed the ballot box for it and ‘Objects in Space’.” – Kristen

“I have the box set and “Out of Gas” is still the episode I pop in the dvd player most often, when I need a hit of ‘Firefly’. Followed by ‘War Stories’ and ‘Heart of Gold'” – Kathryn

“This is like asking me to choose among my children or cats or something! Each episode has something special to recommend it, and which one I pop into the player depends on the circumstances at that time. ‘Serenity’ is (duh!) the episode I recommend to newbies, followed by “Out of Gas,” but there is goodness throughout. For example, nobody should miss Jayne (even in the background) in ‘Heart of Gold,’ or Wash, all muddy and inebriated, interacting with Zoe in ‘Jaynestown,’ or Inara’s big scene in ‘The Train Job,’ or too many more to record here. Who wouldn’t want to sit at the table with our crew and talk over adventures or plan a new one?” – FloralBonnet

“Our Mrs Reynolds……Christina Hendricks. Red hair. Ummmm….yummy treats” – doctorferris

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Firefly Episode

  1. Ballot stuffing and hyperbole. I’m happy I watched the series before getting to know the fans – I’m almost always let down when I listen to raving and then I become sour.

  2. Come on A_Z, that’s a little harsh. Sure, some people get a bit too enthusiastic. However, I still like meeting fans. It’s fun to argue about Jayne vs. Mal or spend hours quoting favorite lines.
    err.. did I just say that? oh god!

  3. Harsh? Ballot stuffing is a serious offense!!!
    But I am usually disappointed. It was a decent show, but not one I think warrants hours of conversation. I think it really could have taken off if they hadn’t pulled it so soon, but as it stands it’s just like the first season of so many other sci-fi shows, introductory and slow.
    I just wish fans would show some restraint. I’ve learned that excessive praise is usually more a turn off.

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