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POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Tom Cruise Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these Tom Cruise movies had you jumping up and down on the couch?


(111 total votes)

Half of us seem to like Tom Cruise sci-fi movies about as much as we’d like being dumped in a volcano by Xenu. That’s a larger percentage than I would have guessed. Is Cruise too pretty or something?

Some comments this week:

Minority Report, while an idea that is not new by SF print standards, still was an important SF movie and a superior Dick adaptation.” – Paul Weimer

“Um, why the heck am I voting on Tom Cruise movies? I figure that now we would see some sort of poll regarding Hasselhoff next week” – Tim
[Be careful what you wish for, Tim. – John]

“I watched ‘Interview‘ in spite of Mr. Cruise; I like vampires. Did take awhile to see it, though.” – Richard Novak

“I chose Legend not because of Tom Cruise, but because of Tim Curry. He was awesome as the devil! I also chose this one because Tom Cruise has maybe a total of 15 minutes of speaking dialog in the whole movie… which is a bonus because he wasn’t much of an actor at this point. Oh, and he’s short, which is unimpressive to Xenu.” – Trent

“They were all varying degrees of awful. War of the Worlds was the least painful for me; the bits without Tom cruise in them were very nearly interesting.
“The short little bugger’s gotta go away eventually, right? (I’m referring to Tom Cruise; obvously)” – Pete Tz.

“Do you mean good jumping or bad jumping? I remember Legend as a good movie but it was before Tom Cruise was famous. The other movies were good in their own right and Cruise couldn’t quite ruin them. Now I think I would shy away from a Tom Cruise movie just for decorums sake.” – Richard
[Good point, Richard! My wording left that open, didn’t it… I meant it as “liked it very much”. – John]

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