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POLL RESULTS: The Coolest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Scene

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these is the coolest scene in film/TV?


(280 total votes)

The Firefly fans have spoken! As mentioned previously, they flocked to this poll like there was no tomorrow. So with this week’s poll, we’re gonna give them some love.

But first, some comments this week:

“Scene from Chronicles of Riddick (2nd movie title?) where he is introduced into the death ship..very gothic/cyberpunk… the movie stank, but this was a groovy scene.” – Doug

“No fair pitting poor Tron against the Matrix, they were both revolutionary in their time. It seems I picked the underdog in Tron. I even had the Intellivision games. Good times.” – Richard

“Star Wars Episode V: Darth Vader revealing himself as Luke’s father.” – Martin T.

“From Alien: the scene of finding the pods; creeping around in that green-lit foggy space in an alien vessel, building up to the initial opening of the egg. The stomach bursting scene was just shock value.” – Bluejack

“The final chase and fight in Blade Runner is disturbingly intense and more weighted with both suspense and significance–both moral and dramatic–than those other sequences. Ford and Hauer give desperate performances.” – Bill P.

“1984. opening scene when winston smith is writing in his diary a letter to the future. (the version made in the 80’s)…” – Steve

“Adama jumping Galactica into the stratosphere and launching all the vipers to save the slaves in Battlestar Galactica season 3. Didn’t see it coming, and it was a very tense moment.” – Dale

“These are all lame. Deckard meeting Rachel for the first time in Blade Runner beats them to paste.” – J.H. Woodyatt

Be sure to visit our front page and vote in this week’s poll about your favorite Firefly episode!

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4 Comments on POLL RESULTS: The Coolest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Scene

  1. Hate to be Mr. Skeptical here, but Firefly fans are delusional and I’m wondering if you have a tracker to see that the votes weren’t rigged. I mean, given that the Firefly votes outnumber the total number of votes of any poll in recent memory, I have to ask.
    I just watched all the Firefly episodes and the movie and I don’t even remember the scene mentioned in the poll – how cool could it have been? Don’t get me wrong, I like Firefly and wish they’d kept it on the air, but to rank it the number one sci-fi movie of all time is disgustingly off base. Buffy fans are similar; I wonder if it’s a Joss Whedon thing more than it is the actual quality of the show.

  2. The poll system tracks votes by IP address. There were a couple of repeat voters, but nothing significant. There are ways around that, of course: use multiple computers, surfing by proxy, etc.
    Maybe this week’s poll will be the litmus test, eh? And if our measly poll is noticeable enough to be the target for ballot stuffing perhaps, in some sense, that’s something of an honor.

  3. Kristen // May 21, 2007 at 12:36 pm //

    I have to agree with A_Z. The ballot may not be stuffed, but the Browncoats love for the series make them believe crazy things. The scene where Mal kicks that guy into the engine (that’s the one we’re talking about, right?) is shocking and then amusing, but it’s not particularly “cool” or heavily “sci fi”.

  4. Ahhh, ok, now I remember. I was thinking it had something to do with Mal kicking the engine into gear or something.
    Ok, yeah that was cool. But not the coolest scene ever.

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