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Rowling Reads Potter…All…Night…Long

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At Midnight on July 21, J.K. Rowling will give a reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in its entirety. The reading is expected to last until dawn and will be attended by by 500 randomly selected fans, all of whome will also receive a free signed copy of the book.

The event will take place at the National History Museum in London and is sponsored by Bloomsbuy and Scholastic publishing houses who publishing the Harry Potter books in the U.K. and U.S. respectively. Seven U.S. fans can enter to win round-trip tickets to London and hotel accomodations.

See also: SF Signal’s Harry Potter Outreach Program.

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3 Comments on Rowling Reads Potter…All…Night…Long

  1. I don’t know how long this book is but if it’s anything like the others, how the hell many pages is Rowling planning to read per hour?

  2. Yeah – that’s not possible unless the book is significantly thinner than the others. The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiobook is 18 hours long. On Amazon, it says that Deathly Hollows is 784 pages long, so the audiobook is going to be at least that.

    Maybe she’s just going to read until dawn.

  3. Maybe she reads really fast? Or maybe she has the “Der Klausner’s Cut” where she’ll read only the parts that makes for a good review…

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