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Sanctuary: SF TV For The Internet

Sanctuary is a new, online only science fiction show starring Amanda Tapping of SG-1 fame. Having only watched the trailer, all I can say is it looks to be a mash-up off science fiction and horror/supernatural genres. What did impress me was the production values and the SFX, which look to exceed any SciFi Original movies. I bet the story will too, but I can’t say for sure.

Additionally, the creators have a blog and a dedicated fan site so that viewers can interact with the actors and producers of the show. Now, many TV shows have this already, LOST and Heroes come to mind, but Sanctuary seems to have been created with the fan community in mind. I think I read somewhere that the fans may be able to have some impact on the show’s direction. That might be an interesting thing.

I’m also interest to see how the producers plan to make money so they can make more episodes. I’m not sure who’s bankrolling them or how they can afford to pay the actors and post-production companies. But if they can make money, I think we’ll see more of this kind of production. If there is money to be made by releasing your show directly on the web, then the floodgates will open. This will be like the introduction of cable and it’s 100’s of channels, only much bigger.

Just think, there are many TV show concepts that never make it to the pilot stage. With an alternate release stream, we could see hundreds of new shows all over the web and all free from the constraints of studio meddling. SF TV stands to gain quite a bit from this as there are lots of things that should be on the air but aren’t.

I realize this may not happen for a long time yet, but I’d certainly like to see it happen. Otherwise, we’re stuck with SciF (now with more monsters and wrestling!) for the foreseeable future….

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