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Sarah Connah?

Feast your eyes on the trailer for Fox’s upcoming SF TV show, The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Yes, that is Summer Glau. In Firefly, she played a girl conditioned to be an inhuman, ninja killing machine. In TSCC, she’s plays an inhuman, ninja killing machine. Typecast much?

I’m not sure about this. No Ahnold, no Cameron. It doesn’t feel the same. And I keep waiting to see Claire from Heroes to show up and act as the guy from Heroes (err, John Conner’s) crack suicide defense squad. But I guess Summer will have to do. I may tune in. Of course, if Fox terminates the show after about 5 episodes, I’ll be first in line to rent the DVD set of one of the finest SF TV shows ever, briefly, on TV…

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6 Comments on Sarah Connah?

  1. Your last paragraph was very well put. Darned difficult to get excited about new shows these days, especially on Fox.


    Still bummed about “Drive”

  2. Chris Johnston // May 22, 2007 at 12:04 pm //

    No Ahnold, no Cameron.

    Isn’t Summer’s character named Cameron? 😛

  3. I don’t watch shows on TV anymore. Too many disappointments. I’ll wait until they’ve been on for a few seasons before I download them or buy the DVD sets. That way I can watch at my own pace and know that I’m going to get at least a few full seasons to enjoy.


  4. Wow! It looks fantastic! I was skeptical, but after seeing that clip I can’t wait. 2007 is a good year for SF on TV. Now if we can only get JERICHO back…

  5. Hmmm. Re-imagining a dated SF property where lethal robots can be made indistinguishable from humans, hunting humans on the run.

    Damn, this sounds so familiar

  6. Being NOT typecast is Adam Baldwin, who’s on the new TV series “Chuck,” where plays a clean-shaven CIA agent who wears a suit.

    It’s bizarre to see him that way. It’d be like seeing Kaylee as a D.A. on Shark, or something…

    I don’t particularly watch new shows either. There was always a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” attitude behind TV series, but it used to get you through a season or so. Now, it’s three or four episodes, then canned. Especially Fox.

    Friggin’ Networks…

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