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The Dubai Deathstar


Dubai is know for its off the wall architecture, but check out architect Rem Koolhaas’ latest proposal for Dubai’s new convention and exhibition center. I can hear Admiral Ackbar now: “We can’t stand up to conventions of that magnitude!”

Koolhaas (cool name) says he modeled this building on an old Panasonic radio from 1972. Whatever dude. You’ll get more geek cred by saying you’ve always wanted to build the Death Star, and now you have the chance to. Unfortunately, the convention center won’t be life size, or come equipped with planet busting weaponry. And I have to wonder how useful the space inside will actually be.

Still, a cool idea though.

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5 Comments on The Dubai Deathstar

  1. See, the convention center will be in Dubai, which means it will need a kick ass cooling system. That’s great and all except that one of the cooling vents will be open to the outside. This will allow desert raiders to infiltrate and then blow up the convention center with a single well placed shot! Or possibly I’m taking this too far. Whatever!

  2. He didn’t want to say that it was modeled after the Death Star probably because he didn’t want George to go “Lucas” on him about copyright, etc.

  3. Tore Bareksten // May 24, 2007 at 2:26 am //

    Dubai is building a lot of science fiction like buildings using slave workers. Discovery channel can inform about low paid foreign workers from asian countries living in concentration like camps. If they try to unionize they are sent home or jailed by the Dubai filthy rich upper class. There is a growing protest movements in these camps. Strikes have been going on an attacked by high tech soldiers with star wars like armorplating. A couple of new buildings have been burnt down. Perhaps clone war is coming. I hope the force will support the slaves againt their racist, undemocratic suppressors.

  4. it is all about money. Amazing buildings or ideas all about money

  5. habib.sahraoui // July 23, 2009 at 2:19 am //

    hi i knwo dubai is the most building in the world that’s graet 4 all arabian

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