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The End Of LOST?

Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! ABC has confirmed that LOST will end, after three more seasons. The interesting thing is, each ‘season’ will be comprised of 16 episodes that will run straight through without interruption. This will alleviate the two month break the show went through this season, and, if the writers can keep it up, the show will be stronger for it.

I think one of the main reasons the show may have lost some viewers was a direct result of having no end date in sight. This forced the writers to vamp and stretch the reveals out as much as possible. Thinking this was another Twin Peaks, people bailed. However, LOST is not Twin Peaks. It is evident that there is a cohesive story behind it all, but the writers were shackled by the open ended stop date. Now, with a concrete date, the writers can concentrate on moving the story lines forward and giving us more info on what is going on.

If you’ve given up on the series after last season, or even after the first 6 episodes of this seasons, then you’ve missed some incredible shows. Since LOST returned from its break, its been giving us some great TV, with interesting stories along with some answers, while, of course, giving us more questions, which we know will be answered in the next 48 episodes. This weeks episode looks to be a winner, as we get to see the backstory for Ben. I’ve been really enjoying the heck out of it lately and I have to watch it as soon as I can get the kids in bed. LOST and Heroes are the only two shows that do that for me. If you liked LOST and have left, why not come back? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Just out of idle curiousity, I wondered – how exactly would one come back? I say this primarily becuase this form of episodic TV does not exactly lend itself to starting up in the middle. So instead, I think you’ll have to find a way to literally catch up by watching what you missed.

    I see you can buy back episodes on iTunes or watch free at back to 4/11 – but not earlier. Sure, I could probably find the episodes online illegally, but is that the only way it is to be? How much would you have to shell out on iTunes to see, say, the entire last season that I skipped?

    Ultimately I think I’ll say ‘no thanks’ and let this one pass, no matter how good the final 48 (!!) episodes will end up being. I applaud ABC’s grand experiment here, but fear it wan’t carry too many people with it to the end. But who knows!

  2. After the disappointment of another Fox cancellation (Drive), I would sure like to see networks do more of this kind of thing. I’d be more apt to try out new shows – right now, I’m new-showed out.

    The way DVD sales are going, you’d think that they’d go ahead and finish a season of a good show, even if they won’t air it, and sell the DVDs.

  3. THREE MORE SEASONS!!?!! Will it take that long for Gilligan to row his boat to finally rescue them off that dang island?? For the people who still watch this show, you are what you watch, “Lost!” Sorry JP πŸ˜›

    This is the one show that my TiVo will grab and put a green dot next to it (TiVo lovers will know what that means) and I will unceremoniously delete it to save the space — oh no, I don’t have a LOST seasons pass, Oh god! No!

    As for “Drive,” oh come on! Did you really see the its previews and thought, “Wow! That’s a show I want to watch week after week!”???

    After seeing the first couple of trailers for it, I found that my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that I had to stop watching them for health and safety reasons!!

  4. RE: The interesting thing is, each ‘season’ will be comprised of 16 episodes that will run straight through without interruption.

    If by “interesting” you mean “lame” then I agree. It’s a sad statement on television programming when the promise of uninterrupted airings and less-than-complete seasons becomes a selling point.

    I also echo the first Scott’s statements. At this point, the audience is only dwindling. There is no reason for me – someone who never watched the show – to tune in.

    There are only two shows I watch religiously: Heroes and 24. Both have their good points and bad points. Meanwhile shows like BSG lost my interest months ago.

  5. The older shows are available on DVD and can be had for the cost of a netflix subscription and should allow folks to follow the show. Furthermore, the sales of Firefly should demonstrate to the network execs that cancelling a show while episodes are still available has some capability to drive revenue although I would rather see that as an exception versus a rule. Finally, previews and trailers do not speak for the show and I know this from what little I saw of Firefly when it was first aired. A western in space?? WTF? Boy, was I ever wrong…

    And not to slightly hijaak this post, but I want to know what it would take to have a true on-demand TV system. I am not talking TIVO or DVR here, but a real system where I select what I want to see from a catalog or menu system and then that is what is shown. Heck they can throw a commercial at the beginning and end of each show just to help drive revenue but I want that versus what is currently offered via the networks and cable systems.

  6. The show will actually last “three more seasons” (of 16 episodes each)? I think the shark that they jumped will eat it long before that.

  7. Fred, you think that shark might have saved room for Jack Bauer?

    The only shows that are watchable on Fox now are:

    1. The Sunday night cartoon block

    2. House MD — I wish I can be THAT brilliant so I can be THAT big of a jackass! (don’t make that obvious joke, please!)

    3. Bones

    and… with *tongue firmly planted in cheek*

    I can’t even watch American Idol now that they booted Sanjaya off the show to save Simon Cow’s job!

  8. The shark has been very hungry. It ate the Colonial Fleet this year. And two Battlestars!


  9. The ending of Lost will be very good thing if the writers do a careful job of explaining all the puzzles and giving the series a satisfying conclusion. If this is done properly, the show can have a very good life in syndication and be fondly remembered for a long time. Possibly it can even revive.

    Otherwise, their efforts will all be lost πŸ™‚

  10. If I recall correctly, some time after the first season the makers of Lost did say that it would not continue beyond three seasons and were proud of this statement. They thought people would get bored if they padded it out.

    So they broke their word.

    And folk did get bored.



    So why did they do it?

    A simple cost benefit analysis gave them the dollar figures they needed to continue as long as they made a reasonable buck and screw whether they wanted to make a great show.

  11. The latest issue of Extralife has the scoop on the developments at “Lost”:

    See May 11, 2007 if you need to go through the archive.

  12. Scott asked how someone could pick up the show again if they’ve missed many episodes. Well, fear not! The producers have kindly, err, produced a ‘story so far’ episode just for you. It will air tonight at 7pm CST (that’s 8pm for those of you who have to live on the east coast) right before the season finale.

    Which I am betting will be more @$$-kicking than the Heroes finale. Is it 8 yet?

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