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The Gamera Theme Song

Nothing lifts the spirits out of the middle-of-the-week doldrums like a giant, space-traveling turtle!

“Come on, Space Monsters! Bring it on! Let’s cut and poke! Okay, go-go-go…”

[via PoeTV]

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5 Comments on The Gamera Theme Song

  1. I prefer the Gamera Song from MST3K. Now conveniently located on YouTube.

    Oh Internet, is there nothing you can’t do?

    No, no there isn’t. Witness the power of the Michael Feinstein version of the above song.

  2. That was totally awesome!!! I have this hankering for some soup now for some unknown reason…:-@

  3. My midweek spirits are lifted.

    Now my co workers wonder why I am wandering around with a big dumb grin on my face, and I have no explanation I can give in public. “You see, the giant space-flying turtle has rocket-legs, and he is helping two chubby boyscouts fight the Martians … um … Cut and Poke!”

    The muggles will never understand.

  4. I think I need therapy and a hug now…

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