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Wil Wheaton on Sci-Fi

Wil Wheaton visited the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle as part of an extra he’s working on for and upcoming Star Trek DVD box set celebrating its 20th year. Read his report in his Geek in Review column, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Science Fiction, which also talks about the science fiction genre itself.

Sez Wil:

These are but a few examples of the real power that science fiction has to address current events in a context that’s safe and acceptable for most audiences, while speaking very seriously about them to others. They illustrate why SF endures and resonates with casual and hardcore fans. Whether it was written one hundred years ago, or just published last month, SF can give us warnings about the future, hope for the future, or just blissful escape from the present, into fantastic worlds that are light years away – but as close as our bookshelves.

Not that I troll Wil Wheaton’s blog or anything…

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