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Battlestar Galactica to End After Season 4 – Does Anyone Care?

Battlestar Galactica will end after season 4.

I stopped watching BSG last year, so I don’t know if the show ever came out of the doldrums that chased me away.

Is this unexpected? Does anyone still think, as I once did, that BSG is the best show currently on TV?

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10 Comments on Battlestar Galactica to End After Season 4 – Does Anyone Care?

  1. I have been enjoying BSG, although indeed the second half of Season 3 was pretty weird. Back here in Germany the lack of SF in TV is appalling (Stargate, Stargate, Stargate) – I had to obtain the shows from USA.

    I care about BSG finishing in so far as that the authors may be able to tie it all together. A show with a clear goal (finding Earth) must have a limited number of seasons – 3 seasons may have been perfect, but now they can end it at last.

    Surely the show has missed out on numerous opportunities. Flashbacks to the time when the cylons were constructed, what happened in that war against them, how did they learn to evolve? It also leaves major holes for now. How the hell can certain people be cylons, considering they fought against them in the first round?

    Anyway, good luck to them. With a distinct lack of SciFi shows here in Germany, BSG has been quite enjoyable.

  2. I loved the first 2 seasons. S3 not only jumped the shark, but landed right on it and sank to the bottom of the ocean, IMHO.

    There were a few episodes that I thought were good, but most didn’t live up to the HAAAWWESOME quality S1 and S2 had.

    I’ve also listened to Ron Moore’s podcast for every episode since day one, and the impression I’ve gotten over the years of listening to hours of this guy talk about the show is that he’s bored. Or not as involved for some other reason. He even says during one podcast how nice it is (during S3) to not have to be involved in every single writer’s meeting. Unfortunately I think it shows in the decline in quality of the show in general.

    I think the cylons may have a plan, but the BSG writers don’t, and are making this @#$! up as they go along.


  3. I still watch the show. Although season 3 got a bit muddled, I’m still drinkin’ the Kool Aid.

    BSG is still one of the handful of shows that I look forward to watching. The others are Lost (with its strong revival), Heroes (despite the weak finale) and, strangely enough, Supernatural (yeah, I know, there goes my credibility).

    I think the writers had a plan (the universe goes in a cycle and the Cylons are us), but they got a little lost in getting us there. I’d like to see how this plays out.

  4. I lost interest when they made the characters so unlikable. Baltar is the only one that has remained true to himself, and not coincidentally, the only character I still like. I used to believe Roslin and Adama did what they did for “the good of the people”. I don’t feel that way anymore. I really dislike them, and most of the other characters, and don’t see the writers winning me back. The whole Starbuck slide into the bottle was frankly boring. If I don’t care what happens to the people, I don’t care about the show.

    I think it’s the missed opportunities that disappoint me the most. LOST won me back the last half of the season, and BSG just seemed indifferent whether I tuned in next season or not.

  5. After grilling lots of people about why they were disappointed with season 3, it’s because the show moved away from escaping the Cylons, and moved away from space pursuits.

    Pretty much the whole part on New Caprica was a big tangent that in many ways got away from the template of the series. Any time you move away from the template, fans will lose interest. It’s happened on too many TV shows.

    It’s not that change or variety are so bad, but change/variety need to be continually defined and redefined within the themes and conflicts set up in the pilot and first season. As soon as you get away from that, you’ve jumped the shark.

    As for BSG itself? I think there’s still hope they could reign it in for the 4th season. It will no doubt shift back to focus towards Earth and the human-cylon conflict, which is what had people roped in to begin with.

  6. I still watch it, although I’m only now catching up on season 3. Still enjoying it. The plot is not moving forward as quickly but I am enjoying that. Not every episode needs to have an earth shaking revelation.

    I’m just hoping that they do indeed have a complete story arc in mind and will end the show on a high note. I’ve been disappointed too many times by shows with a great premise and beginning and then a meandering body that led to an early cancellation.


  7. joshua corning // June 2, 2007 at 8:26 pm //

    starbuck died.

    oh sorry spoiler alert

  8. But then she felt muuuccchhhh better.


  9. Season 3 had more then a couple of weak points, and the show is getting a bit creaky. Still, I think having a definitive end with Season 4 is a good idea, and I’ll be watching.

  10. “Does anyone still think, as I once did, that BSG is the best show currently on TV?”

    At least one person does.

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