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Mark Watson’s Best SF is one of the longest running short fiction review sites and this month, he’s branching out.

Best SF Presents aims to make short stories available online that showcase the best the genre has to offer. There’s no set schedule, but expect a new story – primarily science fiction – every month or so.

In Mark’s words:

I’m aiming to get a mix of old and new stories, from established and up and coming authors. First up is “The Last Reef” by Gareth L Powell, which appeared in Interzone #206 Jan/Feb 2006.

Gareth L Powell’s “The Last Reef” was long listed for a BSFA award, and came sixth in the Interzone Reader’s Poll for best short story of 2006. He’s got a collection and a novel appearing in 2008, and he’s a regular blogger. Co-incidentally, another story of his, “Six Lights Off Green Scar” has just appeared on the InfinityPlus website.

I have to admit that Best SF is the site that prompted me, when I review short fiction myself, to review each story individually. Not only does it allow me to remember each story more than a one-off description would (or worse, no description at all), but it also allows me to lazily cut-and-paste what I wrote before for reuse when a story appears in multiple anthologies.

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