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Eric Johnson On Flash Gordon

Last week, EW scored an interview with actor Eric Johnson, who will be playing Flash Gordon in the upcoming SciFi Channel series of the same name.

Some interesting nuggets o’ info:

  • Johnson wasn’t too familiar with the body of Flash work. He did know the name, but not much else.
  • SciFi’s Flash is a marathon runner and drives a ’67 convertible Firebird.
  • While the Mongo sets may be elaborate, Flash won’t be using a spaceship for travel. Instead, wormholes will be used. Shades of Pandora’s Star
  • Not only will Flash have to deal with Dale and Princess Aura, there will also be a hawt bounty hunter to contend with named Baylin, played by Karen Cliche. Rawr.

I’m not sure about this one. Looking at some of the production stills gives me a sense of ‘cheese’. Of course, Flash always had a lot of that to begin with. If its going to be cheesy, it should at least be fun and funny, otherwise it will be painful to watch. Much like watching Buck Rogers with adult eyes….

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3 Comments on Eric Johnson On Flash Gordon

  1. Nothing will ever beat Flash Gordon with a sound track by Queen.

    Come on, sing it with me.

    “FLASH!! ahh aaaaaaaah, he’ll save every one of us!”

  2. Nah. Nothing will beat the original music used for Flash Gordon! That would be the original (filmed) Flash Gordon.


  3. Mmmmmm, Karen Cliche…. Haven’t heard that yummy name in a loooong time — not since her yummy Mutant X goodness was canceled…

    P.S. Sorry for the long hiatus of inane super-model-like comments…

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