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How LOST Won’t End


The blogsphere is aswarm with negative reaction to the last episode of The Sopranos. In reaction to that, Carleton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff recently went on record as saying that LOST won’t end ambiguously like The Sopranos did.

Recognizing they can’t please everyone, Cuse said:

Our hope is that the ending will be … the logical conclusion of the story.

Now, given that Lindeloff and Cuse have stated that the island’s mysteries will be explained using science and pseudo-science, I can guarantee some people won’t like the answers. Hopefully, though, the explanations will fit together and give us a decent ending. I’m not sure when the last decent ending to a popular TV show was. For me, it goes back to the end of Cheers. I would have said Babylon 5, but JMS suddenly had a 5th season he didn’t think he’d get, and the show suffered for it. If the last episode if season 5 was actually the last episode of season 4, that would have been perfect.

In any case, I’m back into LOST as show, given the great writing on display during the last 16 episodes of season 3. With a clear end in sight, I expect this level of writing to continue, and I’m expecting some interesting resolutions to the mysteries. I don’t have any pet theories, although I think that the hatch named ‘The Looking Glass’ and the ‘twist’ from the last episode might could possibly have something to do with quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. At least, if I was writing the show it would.

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